Thursday, January 19, 2012

Occupy DC Report: January 17, 2012

Occupy Congress Report 01/17/12   By Craig Louis Stehr (craigstehr [at] )

[WASHINGTON, D.C]  "Hundreds arrived last night at both McPherson Square and Freedom Plaza encampments in Washington D.C., coming from Occupy camps from around the USA. It rained all night, and then cleared up just in time for our 9AM march. We went straight up Pennsylvania Avenue to the Capitol building. Protest marchers assembled on the front west lawn until 3:00PM. Returning congress heard the people's dissent!  [See more photos and huffington post article]

"They trickled in last night at both Occupy D.C. encampments, from other Occupy camps near and far. Occupy Monterey CA, Portland Oregon, Bellingham WA, Atlanta, OWS, Florida, Delaware, they kept coming in all night. The temperature shot up and it rained until morning, providing a relatively warm day in the 50s, compared to the usual mid-30s

"At 8:30AM, a huge wave of anarchists came down 14th Street NW (three blocks from the White House), LOUDLY chanting revolutionary slogans.[Editor's note :4 of them were arrested later that day] They merged with us at Freedom Plaza and promptly at 9AM, we collectively marched straight up Pennsylvania Avenue behind an OCCUPY D.C. banner. It was LOUD!   
"Uncountable police from an uncountable number of agencies accompanied us. At the Capitol building we encountered the plastic green fencing announcing that the turf was being upgraded, and we ignored this stupidity of an attempt to alter our assemblage, and marched over and around the fencing onto the west front lawn. We continued to convey our feelings to the returning U.S. Congress inside until 3:00PM, guaranteeing that the voice of the 99% of the people was heard. 

"Tonight, we're having the mother of all Occupy parties at both encampments. Here are a couple of links: ...No doubt more videos will be available soon...check out the DC IMC ones.

"Nota bene by Craig Louis Stehr: "My personal thanks to everyone who financially and otherwise backed up my being at both NYCs OWS and later at Occupy DC, since I arrived in Manhattan October 18th. I'm flying back to Cali Saturday morning to crash in the Compared to What jazz band's rehearsal studio in Oakland. Mission accomplished! RIGHT WING SCUM...YOUR TIME HAS COME"

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