Friday, January 20, 2012

Occupy DC Report , January 20, 2012

Occupy DC Marches on the Supreme Court.  1/20/12
 By Craig Louis Stehr (craigstehr [at] )

A wave of anarchists marched up Pennsylvania Avenue to the Supreme Court building to LOUDLY dissent the Citizens United decision, and reaffirm that this is our planet, and we will not be stopped in our revolutionary zeal for total freedom!  See media story, here.

This January 20th morning, at 10:30AM, a wave of anarchists from the McPherson Square encampment in Washington D.C. arrived at the Freedom Plaza encampment (located three blocks from the White House). A brief spirited rally followed, as the two groups joined forces, and then moved off of the "stone mesa" into the street. Flanked by D.C. Metropolitan Police vehicles and monitored by an uncountable number of agents from an uncountable number of local and national agencies, we marched straight up Pennsylvania Avenue toward the Supreme Court building.

LOUDLY chanting revolutionary slogans, denouncing the corporatization of America and the world, the march paused at the Newsmuseum for a mic check. All of the two hundred or so participants, recited the U.S. Constitution's words, which are massively carved in the side of the museum building, regarding the rights of free speech, the press, and dissent.

We marched up the hill chanting "This is what hypocrisy looks like" and pointed at the Capitol building. Alternately, we chanted "This is what democracy looks like" pointing at ourselves. And then chants first heard at Occupy Wall Street were shouted, such as "Banks got bailed out, we got sold out".

Arriving at the front of the courthouse, we enjoyed a rally in progress across the street. This was organized to define the more recent efforts to hijack the American democracy by the conservative majority of the Supreme Court, in particular the Citizens United decision. A skit was performed on a makeshift stage, highlighting the extent to which corporations have attempted to characterize themselves as being persons, and other increasingly absurd ideas which brought to mind historic Supreme Court decisions which affirmed that people are property.

Presently, there is a line of anarchists and other protesters in front of the barricades set up by the U.S. Park Police in front of the courthouse building. News update at ten? Well maybe, but to insure that you get the truth, check out the videos posted on the DC IMC.

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