Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Dao Dreaming

Twilight time in Pinole, California. Butterflies departed from the leafy vines covering the new Japanese style trellis, followed by the insects, and then the lizards on cue went underground.

A stone sitting buddha statue with a frog's head oversees the landscaped garden. One dignified maple bush weeps next to the tomato plants, which are always bright and do not care.

 Huge hawk which circles the neighborhood every morning left hours ago; probably got bored watching traffic, and afternooned on Mount Diablo.

There is something deeply quiet and motionless behind the early evening cool breeze, that sways the tallest trees. Cloudless sky. The dragons all went away.

It's the universal masquerade. Stretched to infinity, it curves and returns to form a circle. Opposites attract and hold the center. The stars are asking you: "What is awareness?"

Craig Louis Stehr