Saturday, September 29, 2012

Interstellar Riders

[T]he 20th Anniversary Critical Mass Interstellar Ride in San Francisco was is now well known by everybody in the SF bay area that global climate destabilization is the number one planetary crisis, tipping-point-of-no-return on schedule sometime in 2017.

 My date last night rode her bike on the ride, and then joined me and revolutionary poet Dee Allen at Vesuvio (next to City Lights bookstore) for cocktails.  

Took her out for dinner later in Chinatown; (Dee headed to LA for the Revolutionary Poets conclave).

 She is incredible.  She once danced with Carol Doda on the piano at the Condor Club in North today a CMT who has her own business..made $500 with a client at a Union Square hotel before the ride...had another client waiting at her Oakland condo after our date.  

She wants to continue going out with me!  I'm speechless, 

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Ganesh Chaturthi puja and Carnatic music at the Siva Murugan temple

I have been at the Ganesh Chaturthi puja and inspirational Carnatic music performance at the Siva Murugan temple in Concord,CA since 10AM today.  

This is the temple where Hinduism Today magazine was created, and the group that was originally there, later went to Hawaii and began the huge Iraivan temple construction on Kuai!  

Today, this unique South Indian temple is administered by Tamil priests (who were installed by the previous guru, before leaving in toto for Hawaii).  "Incredible" doesn't begin to describe the energy at Concord, CA's Siva Murugan temple.

Regardless, I have received appropriate blessings, attended puja, offered prayers for the active future, and having propitiated Ganesh...

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Wisdom from the Sama Veda

"All the Gods in the heaven of Brahman adore in contemplation their Infinite Spirit Supreme.This is why they have all joy, and all the worlds and all desires. And the man who on this earth finds and knows Atman, his own Self, has all his holy desires and all the worlds and all joy."

-Sama Veda, Chandogya Upanishad 8.12.6

Vedic Verses for 9/11/12 -

Vedic Verses  selection sent by Kauai's Hindu Monastery 

 Give to us, Dawn, that copious bounty with which you have rewarded those who sang your praises! Loudly they acclaimed you, like the strong bulls that bellowed as you unbarred the doors of the firm-set mountain.
Rig Veda VII, 79, 4

Prevail on each God to give us his bounty! Now at your appearing impart to us the charm of pleasant voices and thoughts for our uplift. Preserve us evermore, O Gods, with your blessings!
Rig Veda VII, 79, 5

Be seated, O friends; your songs uplift for him who is undergoing
purification. Array him like a child in festive attire! Bring him
an offering!
Rig Veda IX, 104, 1

Unite him to his worshipers as a calf to its herd-- this bringer of
prosperity, producer of bliss which delights the Gods, doubly
Rig Veda IX, 104, 2

Purify him who gives us power-- a banquet, he, [most blessed One!],
for our Friend and our Protector and all their attendants!
Rig Veda IX, 104, 3