Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Vedic Verses for 9/11/12 -

Vedic Verses  selection sent by Kauai's Hindu Monastery 

 Give to us, Dawn, that copious bounty with which you have rewarded those who sang your praises! Loudly they acclaimed you, like the strong bulls that bellowed as you unbarred the doors of the firm-set mountain.
Rig Veda VII, 79, 4

Prevail on each God to give us his bounty! Now at your appearing impart to us the charm of pleasant voices and thoughts for our uplift. Preserve us evermore, O Gods, with your blessings!
Rig Veda VII, 79, 5

Be seated, O friends; your songs uplift for him who is undergoing
purification. Array him like a child in festive attire! Bring him
an offering!
Rig Veda IX, 104, 1

Unite him to his worshipers as a calf to its herd-- this bringer of
prosperity, producer of bliss which delights the Gods, doubly
Rig Veda IX, 104, 2

Purify him who gives us power-- a banquet, he, [most blessed One!],
for our Friend and our Protector and all their attendants!
Rig Veda IX, 104, 3

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