Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Agni (God of Fire) Verses from the Rig Veda

It is you, O Agni ever true to yourself, whom we mortals have ever
approached with reverence, singing your praises. Wherefore, O God
most noble, esteem well our sacrifice and burst into glorious flames, your Godhead enkindled by the hand of mortal Man.
Rig Veda V, 8, 4
It is you, O Agni of manifold. shapes, who impart life-power to each race of Men, as in days of old, O God highly praised! By means of this your life-power you control all sorts of food. That light of yours, when you shine forth, blazes indomitable.
Rig Veda V, 8, 5

It is you, O Agni most youthful, whom, once enkindled, the Gods have chosen as messenger, conveyer of oblations. You, O God of vast range, situated in oil and nourished by offerings, the Gods have
made their bright Eye, the inspirer of thought and fancy.
Rig Veda V, 8, 6

It is you, O Agni, whom Men through the ages have sought with sacred oil and with fuel easy to kindle. Thus, imbued with strength, your size increased by the plants, you spread over all the world.
Rig Veda V, 8, 7

From your body, O Lord, fashion a vast net. Advance like a powerful
monarch with his escort. Entangle the demons in your net, O Archer;
transfix them with your burning fiery arrows.
Rig Veda IV, 4, 1

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

'net working

O Indra, O Soma! Plunge the wicked ones deep into the depths.

Yes! Cast them into the darkness that has no end, so that none of them may ever return here again! Your angry power has to prevail over them and conquer them.

O Indra!  O Soma!  Together hurl down from the skies and from the earth your deadly, crushing thunderbolt onto those who speak evil.

O Indra!  O Soma!  Thrust down from heaven fire-hot missiles that strike like stone, flames armed with fiery passion that never weaken with age.

Yes!  O Indra, O Soma!  They should go there without a sound!
- Rg Veda