Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Extreme Yoga

 You probably believe that
 This is about physical postures
 Held for hours by
 Double jointed contortionists

 Sitting on the beach at dawn
Chanting mantrams for liberation 
From the attachment to samsara
 To drop the mortal coil at last

 It really would be incredible

 To spend early winter at the

 Kumbha Mela spiritual festival
 in Allahabad, India for a month

 And then go to Varanasi March 10th
 For Shivaratri with 70 million pilgrims
 And then, and then, and then in Pondy
 Relax at Auroville on the Bay of Bengal

 Right where you are this moment
 Observe your mind thinking
 Slow down the rate of speed
 To a crawl and watch every word

 Direct your gaze to where
 The words are formed and then
 Go even further back to discover
 The electrical impulse

 Just before that is the still point
 From which you may live the
 Rest of your life starting now
 Unencumbered by time and space

 That's the secret, okay?
 This is extreme yoga
 Now that you are enlightened,
 What are you going to do?

 Craig Louis Stehr

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