Wednesday, November 14, 2012

New Climate Theatre Piece Being Composed Right Now!

Warmest spiritual greetings, 

Please know that the Fairfax Freedom Farm Writers' Group 
on October 22nd, 2012 began a new climate
activist theatre piece, which we are going to collectively perform
on election day November 6th at an undisclosed location in
Washington D.C.   We are encouraging participation from all
interested Earth First!ers, Rising Tide participants, and
autonomous green anarchists.

Presenting our skeletal sketch of scenes one and two; scene three
is yet unwritten.

Scene One: Three climate scientists are measuring ice cores in
Greenland.  They have observed the melting permafrost layer, and
deduce that methane gas is being released into the atmosphere.
Methane gas is a global warming accelerant.  They send an urgent
message about their discovery, to their university climatology
department.   Their department's researchers put the information
into their computer system.  The result is a recalculation of the
projected tipping-point-of-no-return from 2050 to 2017!

Scene Two: Causes of global warming enacted by actors
simultaneously (in no particular order).
 -Arctic Drilling
  -Car Culture (Driving a short distance to  a convenience store for snacks before watching television all day).
-Tar Sands
 -Mountain Top Removal
 -Deep Sea Drilling
-"Free Trade Isn't Free"  (Beach ball earth globe with arrows.  Actor wearing a sign detailing      the import of products, which could be grown and manufactured locally).
-War  Actor in a Joker mask wearing a  military costume with a sign reading "More Blood for Oil!", pumping motion 
with one hand, the other hand "war drumming".

Scene Three:  Not yet written.

In conversation, we agree that we are not interested in an
"apocalyptic scenario"  for scene three, because we wish to end
with a message that intervening in history is possible.
Suggestions include having the actors who "woke up" sitting in a
meditation circle with candles, surrounded by shadows of impending
climate chaos, with actors holding signs promoting environmental
solutions on the periphery of the seated meditation circle.

You are welcome to contact us at Fairfax Freedom Farm Writers'
Group, 4913 Tydfil Ct., Fairfax, VA 22030-5410

Craig Louis Stehr
Facebook me, bab

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