Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Scene climate theatre piece fr. Fairfax Freedom Farm Writers' Group

Actors surround performance area carrying tall banners (black cloth) with white painted messages foretelling the environmental chaos evolving...disaster looms... 
dark, dreadful, destructive, total calamity, encroaching doom, fierce winds of the Vedic god of destruction, Rudra, lashing sheets of water, tsunami waves,undersea volcanoes erupt, earthquakes, solar eclipse on August 21, 2017, fireballs across the sky, crashing to earth which start forest fires, cyclone devastation in the subtropics, hurricanes in the northern hemisphere, flooding, electrical storms, and heat waves.  Spread of diseases.

Dancing through the performance area (now surrounded by the tall looming banners),
actors with positive environmental solutions.

1. recycling
2. permaculture
3. alternative transportation
4. use of solar/wind power
5. eco-efficient home products

Actors from scene two still in their costumes, processionally enter
the performance area holding lighted candles and form a seated circle.  

In the middle is placed a goddess statue, signifying a divine center or spiritual locus.  

The actors sit silently in meditation, with the
outer actors dancing around them with their pro-sustainability messages, and the periphery actors slowly moving the tall black banners.

Ending soliloquy: A single actor delivers the final dramatic message, looking directly at the main camera.


More information:
Fairfax Freedom Farm Writers' Group
4913 Tydfil Ct.
Fairfax, VA 22030-5410

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