Monday, December 3, 2012

Kali on K Street

I saw Mother Kali on K Street
Didn't recognize her right away
Because she was really black and
Her hair was disheveled and she was
Pushing a shopping cart past the
Statue at McPherson Square
I asked her if she'd been part of
Occupy DC and she told me that
She tented behind the People's Library
But after the police raid she moved to
Freedom Plaza and washed pots 'n pans
When I was on a break writing my reports
She had a wig on at the Radical Space
Holiday party and critiqued anarchism 
Then showed up for the big protest march
Wearing a Guy Fawkes mask and mic-checked
Outside the News Museum to declare our rights
I inquired if that was her shrill voice on the steps
Of the Supreme Court, threatening to scalp the
Appointed who oppose a woman's right to choose
She smiled pushing her belongings up K Street
Toward Peace House to enjoy a hot mineral bath

Craig Louis Stehr

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