Monday, December 3, 2012


What's good about the spinning top of postmodernism
Precisely is the growing realization that success
As once defined, is not applicable or even relevant
To billions of global citizens who have given up
Questing to attain lifestyles that are impossible
And may have been an illusion from the beginning

Right this moment, there's a dawning upon the creative
Imagination to abandon quickly the old urgencies and
Free up spirit from attachment to attitudes not ours

Release from cultural sticking points not anchored in
A social context that we recognize, and let us together
Kick out the jams in a mental shakeout that makes
Room for the emerging paradigm, brilliant spiral
Patterns in a changed world that the historians 
Detail but cannot measure; this very precious instant
Contains all chain of events in a civilization
That does not recognize itself, but is studied for clues

It is shakeout time, everybody, to rid ourselves of the
Encrusted barnacles on these earthly ships, now set 
Sails for new voyages to distant places and adventures
Of consciousness, reflecting truth and dreamed of bliss
Shake it out, for the time to make our way has come.

Craig Louis Stehr

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