Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Leaving El Dorado

Warmest spiritual greetings, Please know that I have purchased a
Greyhound bus ticket to travel from Oakland, CA to Pittsburgh, PA.
I am going to stay with friends at a house in Mt. Lebanon, PA whom
I met at Washington DC Occupy last year; we were part of the kitchen working group at Freedom Plaza encampment.

After serving the Berkeley Catholic Worker breakfast this morning, which I've been doing the past 23 years, I went to the
Berkeley Krishna temple and chanted the maha mantram for three hours to ensure a safe 3,000 mile bus trip to Steeltown.  I'm leaving on
the grey dog _____ evening.

With the exception of three years living in Manhattan early 70's, I've been a Cali resident for 40 years.  I need new spiritual opportunities real bad. It's time for me to move on.  

Feel free to stay in touch, and thanks for your friendship, Craig Louis Stehr 

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Krishna Consciousness

As America's day of independence  approaches, please know
that I am freeing myself of all extraneous thoughts, for the
purpose of liberation from further misery associated with attempts
to intervene in the sinking condition of the earth plane, in the
darkest phase of Kali Yuga.  Simply put, I am chanting the
mahamantram, and that will be my ongoing continuous thought

     In regard to my attempt to organize a Washington D.C. beltway
spiritual ritual action, it is my belief that this remains a
brilliant idea.  Although this has been done successfully in India
for decades, my suggestion has not caught on here in the USA.  It
may at some point.  For now, it is most important that I focus on
internal Krishna consciousness, as opposed to ten thousand positive
thoughts related to intervening in contemporary social and
environmental situations.

     My availability remains the same in terms of being interested
in going to places and performing ritualistic actions to counteract
the bogus energy (such as within the beltway in Washington D.C.),
as well as other going to places.  If you would like me to show up
and participate with you, let me hear it and we'll somehow get me
there.  Hopefully, you agree with me that I am being positive and
generous in my attitude.


Craig Louis Stehr
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Craig Louis Stehr in Berkeley

Dearest friends, I've received a letter from a friend of mine who is doing jail time in Mendocino county for being convicted of growing pot.  I wrote him back, and decided to share the jist of my
message to him, with you.

The basic message is that I remain committed to performing a ritual dissenting action on the Washington D.C. beltway, complete with a large goddess murti, musicians, chanters, etc. to counteract the bogus energy emanating from within the beltway, which is negatively affecting this world.

     Secondarily, I have two more weeks that I am welcome to stay at the central Berkeley men's shelter, and then I am on my own.

Yes, I did receive my social security retirement check, and presently have $400 in my checking account, in addition to food stamps.

     I am seeking others who share my spiritual calling to perform high profile rituals, to counteract a very crazy materialistic world culture, in lieu of all of its warmongering, environmentally destructive, anti-dharmic tendencies.

If this interests you, please tell me so. 

Love, Craig Louis Stehr

Craig Louis Stehr
Email: craigstehr@hushmail.com
Mailing address: c/o NOSCW, P.O. Box 11406, Berkeley, CA 94712-2406
Blog: http://craiglstehr.blogspot.com

Destroying Postmodernism before it Gets You!

Morning salutations, I have two more weeks to go at the central
Berkeley men's shelter, and then they say I'm on my own, because
Alameda county social services does not have anything further to
give to me. 

 I am totally available right now!  I have several hundred dollars which would get me transported anywhere in the USA lower 48, decades of experience of a radical nature, plus a fully cultivated spiritual life, and I'm willing!!!  Instead of languishing in the cultural death of postmodernism, I'd like your cooperation in order to remain active frontline-wise.  No need to
hurry, because this is America and it's summer; so slow down, take
your time, and then encourage me to travel where you are and

I don't have anything to do anymore in California.  That's just the
way it is, and I am really not interested in attempting anything so
ridiculous as "retiring".  That won't work for me.  I'm not the
type.  However, I am ready to help usher in a brand new
civilization based on a spiritual foundation, Craig Louis


Wherever and whenever
The mind is found
Attached to anything,
Make haste to detach
Yourself from it.
When you tarry for
Any length of time
It will turn again into
Your old home town.

--Daito Kokushi (1282-1334)

Beyond the Fourth Dimension

Warm spiritual greetings, Just read the latest issue of Adbusters,
and am wondering where postmodernism is headed.  I am about to go to my fifth shelter since mid-December in Berkeley-Oakland, and am spending my days sitting in a chair downstairs at the Graduate Theological Union Library, doing nothing whatsoever, holding the
collected talks of Sri Ramana Maharshi in my lap.  

Or else, quietly chanting in Sanskrit the Avadhuta Gita (translation by Swami
Ashokananda, the swami-in-charge of the Berkeley Vedanta Society beginning in the 1930s).

 I am just wondering if there is anything that I might be doing
anywhere in America that would address the fact of environmental
decline, economic collapse, and the stupidity and insanity of
domestic and foreign governmental policies.  I am willing to
relocate to stay active, since I am apparently not going to
dematerialize, which would solve the problem altogether.

     Please contact me if you would like me to contribute, where
you are.  There is enough money in my checking account to relocate,

and it is assumed that you are offering me a place to sleep and
bathe upon arrival; I am able to feed the body-mind complex
adequately.  I hope that this message is appreciated by you.
     I am ready to go forth, Craig Louis Stehr

Craig Louis Stehr
Email: craigstehr@hushmail.com
Mailing address: c/o NOSCW, P.O. Box 11406, Berkeley, CA 94712-2406
Blog: http://craiglstehr.blogspot.com


Berkeley Krishna's Trying to Connect Me with Baltimore Temple for a Guest Stay

Good morning postmodern America, Please know that whereas thepolitical left wing is not apparently interested in granting mefloor space to sleep indoors in the Washington D.C. region, so thatI may further participate in radical activism there, I have no choice but to "talk to somebody else".  

Therefore, I have asked the International Society for Krishna Consciousness to permit me to stay at the Baltimore Krishna Temple.  I recommend that the anarchist milieu reconsider its slogan "No Gods, No Masters".  It
is beyond stupid that I could not receive indoor floor space tosleep on in the Washington D.C. region, so that I may be therecontinuously participating, Craig Louis Stehr

Hare Krishna Craig,

It could be that no one is checking email at this
iskconbaltimore@gmail.com address.

However, if they are checking, they will be looking for certain key
words from you such as "I want to take part in chanting Hare
Krishna in the streets". Then they will be interested. Otherwise,
they will not be interested.  I also don't think that they will
agree to an ambitious proposal from you for some kind of caravan.
Having a caravan in DC is a good idea, but it would have to be
organized by some leader in ISKCON. You are not recognized as a
leader in ISKCON.

Given the lack of response from them, I think that you should call
them up at 410-719-1776. Tell them that you want to take part in
chanting Hare Krishna in the streets and you are willing to do any
other service in the temple that might be needed. Then say that you
have got a reference from Berkeley temple and if necessary, you can
give my name. Then ask whether you can stay at the temple for three
days. Just find out whether they say "yes" or "no" and finish the
conversation politely. In a later phone call, you can try to ask
for a longer period of time, if you want to stay longer. Or if you
don't mind living without a guarantee of housing, just go there and
stay for 3 days. If the temple is poorly managed, they won't even
remember to ask you after 3 days to leave. Then you can stay as
long as you want. If you stay there for 3 days and do some service,
they will probably happy for you to stay longer. If you get up in
the morning at 4 am, take a bath and come to the temple for mangal
arati at 4:30 am, they will think "oh here is a good devotee." If
you can partake in guru puja, greeting of the Deity and morning
class, they will be convinced that you should be accepted in the

Ys/Grantharaja dasa

Advice from Tamo Noonan




you're still bitching.

the problem is not in the asking...it is in the expecting.
and also...the problem just may actually be in the asking.

not to mention...asking...in the way that you are currently doing
it...actually indicates that we are living in an unconscious
society rather than a conscious one. and also a conscious one (at a
'lower' level)...sigh...see Schrodinger's cat...glass


Thank You For Your Responses

Thank you to everyone who responded to my networking emails
recently, in which I stated that I have $600 saved and am able to
relocate to the east coast for more radical political action.

     Particularly, I thank a friend in Pittsburgh who told me to
stop bitching, stop asking others to give me anything, and start walking 3,000 miles across the north American continent if I wish
to again be active on the east coast. 

Actually, that is the second suggestion that I do this, the first coming from Delaware a month ago.  Obviously, if I had begun walking with my gear a month ago,
I'd be somewhere in the middle of Iowa by now.

     Instead, I am at a long term Berkeley, CA shelter tonight.  By the way, I am welcome to be here for another week, and then must either meet with a case worker to set up a payment plan, or go
elsewhere.  The payment plan is 1/3 of my income ($359 monthly
social security retirement check) which they keep, 1/3 set aside in
a non-interest bearing savings account for a future rental
situation, and I keep the remaining 1/3 of $359 to spend on my
needs for a month.  I'd like to know if there is anybody reading
this who would feel enthusiastic about having this arrangement; I
mean, would you feel that this would be exciting for you?

     Please contact me if you are willing to offer me anything
intelligent at all to change my situation to something worthwhile.
For now, I will continue to spiritually center my mind and live
from there, regardless of how it plays in postmodern America.

     But hey, you know that I really don't want to ask anybody for
anything.  Fuck, that would indicate that we are actually living in
a conscious society together.    Sincerely, Craig Louis Stehr

Craig Louis Stehr
Email: craigstehr@hushmail.com
Mailing address: c/o NOSCW, P.O. Box 11406, Berkeley, CA 94712-2406
Blog: http://craiglstehr.blogspot.com

Doing Nothing (public service announcement)

Please know that I am doing absolutely nothing of any consequence
in postmodern California.  I have received my social security
retirement check, which gives me roughly $700 to travel with.

That means that I can get back to the east coast.  I still do not have a place to go to there. I am ready to return to Washington D.C. to continue spiritual direct action. Can I get somebody to emerge
through postmodern America's cultural apathetic death zone, and
cooperate with me?  I need a discount airplane ticket to Reagan Airport, and a place to go to where I am appreciated and welcome in

D.C.  I will accept some place else in the region, however, in
order to be there. Is there anybody receiving this who actually has
a spiritualized consciousness?  

Is it okay that I am tired of being patient, accepting the situation, doing nothing whatsoever of any social consequence in the latest American economic recession, not having a social life, being quiet, watching my thoughts repeat themselves pointlessly, being nonattached, being enlightened, and sending out emails which nobody intelligently answers, while staying in homeless shelters to be available to leave California at
a moment's notice? 

 I understand that you do not wish to receive email messages from me like this.  Hey, I don't want to send them.

How about if I get some cooperation?  And why am I begging
postmodern Americans anyway?  I am unable to end this in a manner
which I believe would make you happy.

Craig Louis Stehr
Email: cragstehr@hushmail.com
Mailing address: c/o NOSCW, P.O. Box 11406, Berkeley, CA 94712-2406
Blog: http://craiglstehr.blogspot.com

Swami Krishnananda Quotation

"Yoga is search for Truth in its ultimate reaches and above its relative utility."

--Swami Krishnananda (General secretary, Divine Life Society, Muni-Ki-Reti, India, from 1958-2001.  Attained mahasamadhi on November
23, 2001.  Link: http://www.sivanandaonline.org

Paging Postmodern America

Warm greetings of bliss and transcendental joy, Please know that I
sent out over 300 email invitations asking others to join with me,
to form a caravan to go around the Washington D.C. beltway, to
deliver a strong spiritual message in response to the bogus
political atmosphere in D.C. which is permeating the earth plane
with its stench.

     Invitations were sent to the entire Earth First! international directory, the east coast Rising Tide groups, two spiritual groupings: Amma centers on the east coast, and the entire national directory of the International Society for Krishna Consciousness.

I have thus far received no replies from anyone.

     One friend in Oakland suggests that my peeps are now retired
with family obligations, and that I need to get a job.  Maybe she
is correct about this.  The Harrison House shelter that I am at in
Berkeley believes so too.  What do you think?  Am I all done in
postmodern America in terms of radical activism/organizing, and
writin' about it?

     Give it to me straight. I want you to send me an email
response, because if it's over for me in postmodern America, I need
to know.  Otherwise, I get my social security retirement check on
Wednesday, and I will have enough money to travel; do you want to
get anything more from me or not?  The shelter in Berkeley wants to
know what my "future plans" are.  What do I tell them?

     I am game to return to the New York City/Washington D.C.
region, and will consider other possibilities as well, but you've
gotta give me indoor space; you know, to sleep and shower.  That's
sane, right?

      I am thanking you in advance for your taking the time to
consider this, and for giving me the courtesy of your reply.  I
look forward to hearing from you soon, Craig Louis Stehr

P.S. Please do not send me something stupid like suggesting that I
be an activist part-time; I am not interested in doing anything
that ridiculous.  After all, I could concentrate on getting more
money and returning to spiritual India, which would be a lot more
intelligent than some sort of jackass effort on my part here.

Craig Louis Stehr
Email: craigstehr@hushmail.com
Mailing address: c/o NOSCW, P.O. Box 11406, Berkeley, CA 94712-2406
Blog: http://craiglstehr.blogspot.com

Craig Louis Stehr's "Future Plan"

Warmest spiritual greetings, During the past two days at Berkeley's
Harrison House, I have been respectfully asked what my "future
plan" is.  Please appreciate that I have this morning published on
the New York City IMC precisely what my "future plan" is.
Here is the link: http://nyc.indymedia.org/en/2013/05/122997.html

I wish to leave Harrison House and be transferred elsewhere as soon
as possible.  I submit that I do not need their money/housing plan,
because I already have a fully developed adult life, am not
interested in further housing in California, at 63 am many years
beyond entry level employment, and I am NOT willing to give
BOSS/Harrison House 30% of my income, which I would be better off

 I request that I be offered a free safe pleasant indoor
place to sleep between now and Wednesday May 22nd, when my Social
Security retirement check (which I receive because I have obviously
successfully worked for money previously) arrives.  I will
henceforth be the maker of my own destiny, freeing all concerned
from the responsibility.

I will be at Harrison House (5th & Harrison nr. Gilman Street in
North Berkeley) today May 15th at 4PM, scheduled to meet with a
staff member to outline the terms of my residency.  Hopefully, I
will not be in residence there much longer.

Sincerely, Craig Louis Stehr


Warm spiritual greetings, At the close of the winter shelter at St. 
Mary's Senior Center in Oakland, CA, a caseworker took me to Sausal
Creek Clinic in Fruitvale for a health evaluation.  It was
discovered that I had a condition of high blood pressure, and I was
referred to Villa Fairmont in San Leandro for a two week "short

Blood pressure is now stabilized at 122/82, and I have been 
transferred to Harrison House in Berkeley, which is a long term
shelter (dependent upon my entering their housing/money program,
and paying them 30% of my meager Social Security Retirement monthly

 I wish all of my friends to know that the  determination of two 
separate teams consisting of a psychiatrist, medical doctor,
rehabilitation specialist, and social worker is this:  my returning here in December from Washington D.C. with a small amount of money
and homeless, followed by stays at three east bay shelters,
resulted in accumulated stress and anxiety which elevated my blood
pressure to a dangerous level.

     At this time, I am motivated to return to the Washington D.C.
region on a permanent basis, to continue with my effort to form a
group for the purpose of creating a caravan to circumambulate the
beltway, delivering a strong spiritual message.  STILL DESIRABLE IS

     I invite everyone who understands, to immediately join in.
Once more, I need to get from California to Washington D.C., have a 
place indoors to go to, and I wish to associate with others who
have realized that the spiritual aspect is vital to any effective
     Thank you very much, Craig Louis Stehr

Craig Louis Stehr
Email:  craigstehr@hushmail.com
Mailing address: c/o NOSCW, P.O. Box 11406, Berkeley, CA 94712-2406
Blog: http://craiglstehr.blogspot.com

Zen Dilemmas

Please know that my most recent introspections have been published
as a letter in the Anderson Valley Advertiser (Boonville,
CA), and is accessible at http://theava.com/archives/21619; scroll
down to letter #9 entitled "Zen Dilemmas".  That's all, y'all!

Craig Louis Stehr
Email: craigstehr@hushmail.com
Mailing address: c/o NOSCW, P.O. Box 11406, Berkeley, CA 94712-2406
Blog: http://craiglstehr.blogspot.com

Nonattachment, Saving the Earth, and Solidarity

My warmest Sunday greetings to all, I just spent a mindful day at Ocean Beach in San Francisco, followed by a trip to North Beach ending up with Buddhist chants at the Gold Mountain Monastery in
Chinatown.  Master Hsuan Hwa founded this monastery, he who wisely advised, "Do not be attached to anything at all."
 I am emotionally suffering due to my intensity and insistence of returning to Washington D.C., in order to bring the metaphysical aspect into the radical environmental and peace & justice dissent effort there.  I have until May 1st, when my stay at the St. Mary'sSenior Shelter ends, and I do not now have adequate money to finance a beltway goddess-on-a-flatbed-truck action in D.C..  Also, nobody has emailed me to say that they are enthusiastic about doingthis.  

Frankly, I am not receiving any messages from anyone at all
that are encouraging in regard to my being in D.C. again; unless I
arrive with money, and can support myself fully, in which case I am
welcome to protest anything that I like as much as I care to in
Washington D.C.

Therefore, I spent today concentrating on NOT being attached
to the thinking mind!  Perhaps this ought to be my primary focus
for the future.  I feel very weird about all of this, particularly
refocusing away from environmental and peace & justice concerns,
but I see no way to continue participating in an activist
direction, given that I am receiving no cooperation/solidarity of
any significance from the left wing in the USA, and I presently
lack sufficient money to make anything happen action-wise on my
     Maybe this is all for the best, Craig Louis Stehr

Craig Louis Stehr
Email: craigstehr@hushmail.com

Brahmanic Spiritual Intervention: D.C. Beltway Action

Good morning Jivanmuktas, I am still at the St. Mary's Senior Shelter in Oakland, California, and am welcome to sleep here until
the morning of May 1st.  My resolve continues to be to return toWashington D.C. and initiate the beltway action.  

The beltway action consists of getting a flatbed truck, installing a huge warrior goddess, and inviting our spiritually creative friends to join with us for a powerful, effective ritual around the beltway.
I need a one way airplane ticket from San Francisco to Washington D.C. and a place to go to indoors in Washington D.C.  My
social security retirement check arrives next Wednesday, so I could reimburse anyone who would use their frequent flyer miles, topurchase for me a discounted ticket.  

And, I choose to be indoors for sleeping/socializing/and taking a shower, becuase I believe that my living on the sidewalk in Washington D.C. for world peace is crazy.  Why would I need to do that?   Don't you have floorspace?

I ask for a response to this.  I'm having a seriously difficult time typing this up right now, because there is something really impossible to understand why I even needed to return to California at all, when I was in Washington D.C. fully committed and eager to intervene in history, in the wake of global climate destabilization, the criminality of Wall Street, and the confusionof politics in the district.  

So why did I have to return to California, to live in a series of shelters?  Can anybody explain this to me?

I'm packed, and I am not sorry that I got real with you at the end of this email. What else could I do?

I'd like an email response to this.  Peace, Craig Louis Stehr

Email: craigstehr@hushmail.com
Mailing address: c/o NOSCW, P.O. Box 11406, Berkeley, CA 94712-2406
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