Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Berkeley Krishna's Trying to Connect Me with Baltimore Temple for a Guest Stay

Good morning postmodern America, Please know that whereas thepolitical left wing is not apparently interested in granting mefloor space to sleep indoors in the Washington D.C. region, so thatI may further participate in radical activism there, I have no choice but to "talk to somebody else".  

Therefore, I have asked the International Society for Krishna Consciousness to permit me to stay at the Baltimore Krishna Temple.  I recommend that the anarchist milieu reconsider its slogan "No Gods, No Masters".  It
is beyond stupid that I could not receive indoor floor space tosleep on in the Washington D.C. region, so that I may be therecontinuously participating, Craig Louis Stehr

Hare Krishna Craig,

It could be that no one is checking email at this
iskconbaltimore@gmail.com address.

However, if they are checking, they will be looking for certain key
words from you such as "I want to take part in chanting Hare
Krishna in the streets". Then they will be interested. Otherwise,
they will not be interested.  I also don't think that they will
agree to an ambitious proposal from you for some kind of caravan.
Having a caravan in DC is a good idea, but it would have to be
organized by some leader in ISKCON. You are not recognized as a
leader in ISKCON.

Given the lack of response from them, I think that you should call
them up at 410-719-1776. Tell them that you want to take part in
chanting Hare Krishna in the streets and you are willing to do any
other service in the temple that might be needed. Then say that you
have got a reference from Berkeley temple and if necessary, you can
give my name. Then ask whether you can stay at the temple for three
days. Just find out whether they say "yes" or "no" and finish the
conversation politely. In a later phone call, you can try to ask
for a longer period of time, if you want to stay longer. Or if you
don't mind living without a guarantee of housing, just go there and
stay for 3 days. If the temple is poorly managed, they won't even
remember to ask you after 3 days to leave. Then you can stay as
long as you want. If you stay there for 3 days and do some service,
they will probably happy for you to stay longer. If you get up in
the morning at 4 am, take a bath and come to the temple for mangal
arati at 4:30 am, they will think "oh here is a good devotee." If
you can partake in guru puja, greeting of the Deity and morning
class, they will be convinced that you should be accepted in the

Ys/Grantharaja dasa

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