Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Craig Louis Stehr's "Future Plan"

Warmest spiritual greetings, During the past two days at Berkeley's
Harrison House, I have been respectfully asked what my "future
plan" is.  Please appreciate that I have this morning published on
the New York City IMC precisely what my "future plan" is.
Here is the link: http://nyc.indymedia.org/en/2013/05/122997.html

I wish to leave Harrison House and be transferred elsewhere as soon
as possible.  I submit that I do not need their money/housing plan,
because I already have a fully developed adult life, am not
interested in further housing in California, at 63 am many years
beyond entry level employment, and I am NOT willing to give
BOSS/Harrison House 30% of my income, which I would be better off

 I request that I be offered a free safe pleasant indoor
place to sleep between now and Wednesday May 22nd, when my Social
Security retirement check (which I receive because I have obviously
successfully worked for money previously) arrives.  I will
henceforth be the maker of my own destiny, freeing all concerned
from the responsibility.

I will be at Harrison House (5th & Harrison nr. Gilman Street in
North Berkeley) today May 15th at 4PM, scheduled to meet with a
staff member to outline the terms of my residency.  Hopefully, I
will not be in residence there much longer.

Sincerely, Craig Louis Stehr

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