Thursday, August 29, 2013

Austin City Limits

Warmest spiritual greetings, After a month of fruitless networking to get a spot in Washington D.C. for we three former D.C. Occupy kitchen working group participants, we left the east coast and co-drove to Tulsa, OK, and then bussed it to Dallas, met by Matt's father who hosted us in Fort Worth.  

We are now guests at an artist's compound outside of Austin, continuing to "follow spirit", and having no idea whatsoever where this will lead to.  

This was definitely NOT what I envisioned when I left the San Francisco bay area, to stay near Pittsburgh, PA, hoping to eventually get niched into Washington D.C. for continued frontline dissent.
We three are available, now nationwide!  If this spiritually resonates with you, then please respond to this email.  What more can we do?  

Peace on earth, Craig Louis Stehr

Craig Louis Stehr,
Angelica Gatewood,
Matthew Michel,

Thursday, August 22, 2013

Seeking Way Stations on the No-Path

Loving spiritual greetings! 
Craig Stehr, Angelica Gatewood, and Matthew Blankward 

are poised to leave Mt. Lebanon, PA Friday night,

We are seeking others who identify with the high mystic nature
of our spiritually going forth, and we are asking you if you would like us to come to where you are.

We are riding with a driver who is going to Tulsa, OK. We have no specific destination either short term or long term, (except that Craig needs to renew his California driver's license by his birthday on September 28th. 

Thank you, We look forward to hearing from you before 7PM

August 23rd, 
or you may try to reach us at the land line at 412-341-

Craig Louis Stehr,

Angelica Gatewood,

Matthew Blankward,

We are all pure spirit!

Warmest spiritual greetings.
 Please understand that 

I am.

An impossible situation! 
I am not receiving any social appreciation,
because my spiritualized consciousness demands that

 I  behave. 

in a manner which is consistent with it, and 
therefore, it is possible that 
in postmodern America, 

I am. 

Difficult to understand: 
My reality-foundation, based upon 
the ancient spiritual scriptures 
and practices of India, particularly 
the four principle yogas:

 karma, bhakti, raja, and jnana. 

My view is consequently defined by the realization:
everything is Brahman (or the Divine Absolute).

 We are all pure spirit! 
Thus realized, 
it is impossible for me 
to be 

I don't care what the postmodern 
American culture wants.

I don't care what the crazy 
military-industrial complex wants, 

 I don't care what anybody else's 
mind wants
It remains impossible for me 
to be 
a materialist, 

I have realized:
 everything is Brahman. 
That's just The way it is.

Monday, August 12, 2013

Chopping Its Head Off!

Warm spiritual greetings, These past two days I have been rereading
the published lectures of Shunryu Suzuki, entitled "not always so:
practicing the true spirit of zen".  Roshi said: "As much as possible, follow your inner voice, rejecting useless things. 
Shunryu Suzuki

 Dogen Zenji said that if your practice is pure enough you will be supported by Buddha, so do not worry about who will support you or what will happen to you.  Moment after moment completely devote yourself and listen to your inner voice."

The commitment to realize a Washington D.C. around the beltway radical environmental protest action is enlightened, steady, and
firm, just like one's back during zazen.  Myself and two others (formerly of the Occupy D.C. Freedom Plaza kitchen working group) are still staying at a house in Mt. Lebanon, PA.  We are eager to move on to D.C. and need a place to go to, and we need others to participate in the D.C. beltway action.

I ask you for the hundredth time: "WHAT ARE WE WAITING FOR?"
This is the one question that I am unable to answer.  Can you help

Gassho, Craig Louis Stehr, August 12, 2013

Mailing address: 903 Florida Ave., Mt. Lebanon, PA 15228-2016

Friday, August 9, 2013

From Mount Lebanon

Mt. Lebanon, Pa
At the Mt. Lebanon, PA Public Library: The three of us (formerly of the D.C. Occupy kitchen working group) are still at a house in Mt. Lebanon, PA.  

I have networked far and wide, including posting a
news wire item on the NYC IMC, and a published letter in the August 7th Anderson Valley Advertiser newspaper. 

Thus far, nobody is showing any serious interest in my proposed D.C. beltway action, although in truth, nobody is saying that they are against it either. 
 Looks like one of these undertakings that the project originator(s) will have to doubt interest will swell as the takeoff moment approaches.

My friend Tracey with Code Pink in D.C. reports humidity misery plus a general feeling of dissatisfaction has caused many to leave the district for summer travel, or just to "get the hell out".

I understand that the common view will judge me as being daft;  nevertheless, this all amounts to a spiritual calling, so unless I receive a Divine counter message, the D.C. beltway action is alive & kickin'. 

 Besides, as my closer friends have said to me, I might as well go ahead "with full heart", since I am already considered to be crazy by my detractors, and public opinion is fickle anyway.

Here now, Craig