Thursday, August 29, 2013

Austin City Limits

Warmest spiritual greetings, After a month of fruitless networking to get a spot in Washington D.C. for we three former D.C. Occupy kitchen working group participants, we left the east coast and co-drove to Tulsa, OK, and then bussed it to Dallas, met by Matt's father who hosted us in Fort Worth.  

We are now guests at an artist's compound outside of Austin, continuing to "follow spirit", and having no idea whatsoever where this will lead to.  

This was definitely NOT what I envisioned when I left the San Francisco bay area, to stay near Pittsburgh, PA, hoping to eventually get niched into Washington D.C. for continued frontline dissent.
We three are available, now nationwide!  If this spiritually resonates with you, then please respond to this email.  What more can we do?  

Peace on earth, Craig Louis Stehr

Craig Louis Stehr,
Angelica Gatewood,
Matthew Michel,

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