Thursday, August 22, 2013

Seeking Way Stations on the No-Path

Loving spiritual greetings! 
Craig Stehr, Angelica Gatewood, and Matthew Blankward 

are poised to leave Mt. Lebanon, PA Friday night,

We are seeking others who identify with the high mystic nature
of our spiritually going forth, and we are asking you if you would like us to come to where you are.

We are riding with a driver who is going to Tulsa, OK. We have no specific destination either short term or long term, (except that Craig needs to renew his California driver's license by his birthday on September 28th. 

Thank you, We look forward to hearing from you before 7PM

August 23rd, 
or you may try to reach us at the land line at 412-341-

Craig Louis Stehr,

Angelica Gatewood,

Matthew Blankward,

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