Thursday, August 22, 2013

We are all pure spirit!

Warmest spiritual greetings.
 Please understand that 

I am.

An impossible situation! 
I am not receiving any social appreciation,
because my spiritualized consciousness demands that

 I  behave. 

in a manner which is consistent with it, and 
therefore, it is possible that 
in postmodern America, 

I am. 

Difficult to understand: 
My reality-foundation, based upon 
the ancient spiritual scriptures 
and practices of India, particularly 
the four principle yogas:

 karma, bhakti, raja, and jnana. 

My view is consequently defined by the realization:
everything is Brahman (or the Divine Absolute).

 We are all pure spirit! 
Thus realized, 
it is impossible for me 
to be 

I don't care what the postmodern 
American culture wants.

I don't care what the crazy 
military-industrial complex wants, 

 I don't care what anybody else's 
mind wants
It remains impossible for me 
to be 
a materialist, 

I have realized:
 everything is Brahman. 
That's just The way it is.

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