Friday, September 27, 2013

Garberville Friday Clock Protest

Stood under the town clock in a town
That's four blocks long, holding up
National Geographic featuring rising seas
Due to global that's hot!

Congressional candidate Andy Caffrey showed
Videos two blocks away, featuring polar ice
Melting and it's a catastrophe approaching
Irreversibility at noon August 21,2017

Green Fuse editor Paul Encimer enjoys being
Off the internet and in the streets, dissenting the
Stupidity of a failed civilization, and I'm right there
Too, calling for a new one based on spiritual reality

Six of us made up today's protest...Where are the
Radical environmentalists in Southern Humboldt?
One passerby says that they're trimming their marijuana
Another says they've taken jobs and are raising babies

Where is everybody?  Paul says that we'll go around and
Maybe the mystery of where the radical frontline here has
Gone will be solved...maybe they're all sitting in trees...
Maybe I need to chant OM by the Eel River, in the breeze

Craig Louis Stehr

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