Sunday, September 1, 2013

Notations on the No-Path

Washington D.C. streets are still, humid air is everywhere
The resounding echo of two hundred Occupy protesters
Chanting "Whose streets?"  "Our streets!" is now unheard
Traffic drones by the Capitol building, Supreme Court steps
Are empty once more, the shadows have also left

The federal sinkhole within the beltway looks weighty
Airplanes, limousines, taxis, tour buses, all head for the center
With the Washington monument being the central point
And the rest of the district radiates out from it

Three temples have abandoned the region
Three occupiers, three moving temples of light,
Are on the road, seeking way stations on the no-path,
Resting today in Fort Worth, Texas (which is keeping its wealth)

The present is bright and the future is unknown
Tibetan lamas call this "braving the path of the wandering yogi".
I don't know what Chenrezig's compass reading is this afternoon,
But I would advise him not to follow any ley lines
Leading toward the federal sinkhole within the beltway

Clouds drift past the house in Fort Worth
A large orange butterfly flutters overhead
Summer flies alight on this writing tablet
Money arrives on Wednesday, automatically deposited

The journey without destination is renewed
Green energy ensures mobility in the situation
With time aplenty for new creative writing
Today and every day; we are beginning to understand!

What is very important is "writing down the bones"
Sending out the message of the instant to the
Global audience.  There is power in the immediate
That does not wait, much like lightning bolts

This is what creative writing is: a continuous flow of 
Electricity that emboldens and uplifts, charges the
Individual reader and leaves the writer unharmed,
Delivering messages from a nameless source which
Has no limit, wellspring of knowledge and bliss

The message source, the message, and the messenger 
Are unaffected, yet the philosophic current continues
To go out to internet websites, newspapers, magazines,
Recited on the radio, posted onto blogs, and emailed far and near

A continuous stream of primordial energy manifests
Literarily and is transmitted around the world, then
Copied, microfilmed, archived, and filed away
In a box at the Library of Congress in Washington D.C.

It is there, according to some estimates, 
Forever!  Or at least until the end of the
Kali Yuga, when everything is dissolved
Back into the originating source, prior to creation,
Demonstrating the inherent emptiness of all phenomena

So the writing goes on and on and on, impelled by
An electrical impulse that manifests as a thought form,
Which becomes words that form sentences which
Convey a critical message, instructions to be carried out
On the earth plane, in accord with a divine plan,
Prior to everything, prior to the third dimension itself,
Continuous, unstoppable, a powerful current like a river
Coming down from the mountains, just flowing endlessly
Toward the sea, enlightening all, enlivening all,
Serving all but beholden to none, this river
Performs its task perfectly, and without effort, it shines. 

Craig Louis Stehr
Unnamed Emerging Artist Compound
Leander, Texas

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