Tuesday, November 5, 2013

The word from Garberville

Warmest spiritual greetings, At the moment I am at the Garberville, CA library's public computer.  I've been assisting Earth First!er Andy Caffrey for a month in his campaign for the district 2 congressional seat; which includes lending money (which he is now repaying), cooking for us and for three potluck events weekly, being involved in the downstairs space which is the campaign headquarters office, and countless other details.

     At this point I have given all that I have, and am looking to move on to my next highest good.  One woman whom I interact online with in Washington D.C. today asked me to stop sending her the same message over and over again...she suggests that I essentially regroove my life to get out of the poverty-activist-without- necessary-solidarity-from-others who wants to be back in Washington D.C. on a permanent basis, and who has no housing in the District of Columbia, due to a couple of reasons, all of which are difficult to accept.

     So therefore, I am sending out a new message.  I want you to do whatever you can to assist me in moving on to my next highest good!  I am doing all that I can do now.  Whereas you must certainly be able to positively influence this situation of mine in postmodern America, I am asking you to do so.

     Thank you very much for allowing me to ask you for this, when so much more is possible.
      Love and peace, Craig Louis Stehr

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