Saturday, January 4, 2014

Happy Holidays from New Orleans

Warmest holiday greetings, It is true that the Mardi Gras floats are already being constructed one block from where I am staying in the historic Algiers neighborhood, which was established in 1719.

But with the Saints NFL football team winning, and the Christmas season beginning, the French Quarter is not in any lull at all.  I walked around Bourbon Street after going to view the St. Louis Cathedral on Sunday (since my Catholic heritage is the reason that my middle name is Louis, after the king of France and leader/financier  of the 7th crusade), and Bourbon Street was already filled with revelers, anticipating the night game of Saints versus Panthers.  

Although I do not drink much, don't indulge in any drugs, and am eschewing tobacco in preference of the magical foggy air which gives the Vieux Carre its voodoo quality, it is
still tittilating to have the Hustler honeys encouraging a visit to the club.  She says, "'s only sex!"
Meanwhile, the effort to establish the Neutral Ground social centre in the westbank neighborhood continues.  I have been helpful to my nearly crippled anarchist friend, who had her spine smashed and teeth knocked out by the local police, when she attempted to
prevent the unnecessary demolition of otherwise perfectly goodpublic housing built in the 40s, after Hurrican Katrine.

     The poor were loaded onto buses and shipped to other states, demolitions ensued (which would guarantee that the poor would not have housing to return to), and the bulldozers efficiently finished the job.  That's racism in Louisiana for ya.

     I am presently assisting my friend Jamie Loughner, who really
needs 1.successful spinal surgery, 2.teeth implants, insurance
company which is realistic, 4.a social service caseworker who is
realistic, and 5.a multi-million dollar lawsuit against the Ku Klux
Klan cops who beat the fuck out of her, because she attempted to
physically prevent the demolition of the public housing units.

     I do not know how much longer I will be in the NOLA area; I am
uncertain what more I can offer of help, beyond what I have already
contributed.  However, I am making the best of a very unusual situation.

     Of course, if I win LOTTO, I will make good on my intention to
relocate to Washington D.C., even if the liberals don't like me.  
can always associate with political radicals, who are more
interesting anyway, plus a few conservatives who do occasionally
surprise me with holding similar views to mine.

     If nothing intelligent happens, I might return to the San
Francisco bay area where I am generally appreciated; of course I'll
be homeless, but who cares?  Hey, I'll be in San Francisco, which
is always cool.

     I seriously wish everybody a happy holiday, and encourage you
to stay in touch with me.  As my mother used to frequently say,
"Good friends are hard to come by."

     To contact Jamie Loughner, please email her at, telephone (504)302-9951.  To send a
message to the emerging Neutral Ground social center, email, and to inform me that you have sent money
for my use, email me at

     Tell Santa, if you see him, that I've been good this year. ;-)

Craig Louis Stehr
December 9, 2013

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