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Tuesday, 31 December 2013

Summary: Wishing all of the D.C. radical environmentalists,
anarchists, and those who have additionally cultivated a spiritual
life a HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! On to the spring offensive, y'all.

Please accept my most profound wishes for a spiritually centered,
effectively active, and mentally peaceful twelve months.

 Know that I have received an email from Jesse Schultz, in which he
informs me that the reason the politically liberal activist houses
in Washington D.C. do not welcome me to live there, is because I
have been mis-branded a sex pervert due to so-called "lewd
comments" which I am accused of having made on my previous DC
IMC newswire postings. 

I state here clearly that I am the straightest arrow in the heterosexual 
quiver, (but am not narrow minded). I do support gay rights, am 
pro-choice, and support the legal rights of sex workers, but myself have NEVER had a kinky
relationship, and am thoroughly sane.

 It is true that I am a developed writer, editor, and have been
active with radical publications for decades. Beyond this, I spend
most of my time chanting ancient powerful mantras which originated
in India, and having thus centered my good mind, take action in a
radically environmentally effective manner, which simultaneously
promotes peace and justice.

 I am interested in permanently relocating to the Washington D.C.

Craig Louis Stehr (

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