Saturday, January 4, 2014

Report from the Algiers, Louisiana Twilight Zone

Seasonal Greetings, Last Friday I got stuck on the other side of
the Mississippi River, because the ferry boat had mechanical
problems.  So, after waiting two hours, three of us went over to
Harrah's casino and split the fare of a taxi cab.  I then headed
for the Old Algiers Point bar and drank pints of hoppy Hopatoula
beer, exchanged shots of Jack Daniels, smoked cigarettes, and
proceeded to tell everybody within earshot about my friend Bork's
infirmity and her general lack of support, despite her heroics to
save public housing here, and much else that she has done for the
good of society.  I did this out of my unbearable frustration at
not being able to get her anything beneficial.  Following the local
band's lively set, I walked waveringly back, only stumbling
once...had to sit down and throw up the whiskey, and then ambled
back her place, on the couch, whereupon I chanted the Hare Krishna
mahamantram until I fell asleep.  The hangover lasted a day and a

     I shared all of this with a Krishna devotee acquaintance who
is in India, and he said for me to just keep chanting.  He
understands that my real misery is that at 64 I have no spiritual
sangha for support.  He said that he will help with this, which I
appreciate.  With Christmas two days away, I feel like I am living
in the Twilight Zone with a mahamantram nama japa practice. 

 I informed him that I do not have sufficient money at this time to
just go somewhere...and that if I did, I would also be in India!!

     Meanwhile, my friend Jamie "Bork" Loughner's situation is
difficult but not critical.  She'll survive postmodern America as
will I.  Please pray that I win the lottery, some day have for
myself an appropriate spiritual sangha to enjoy, and eventually may
we all laugh our way back to Godhead.
     Hare Krishna, Craig Louis Stehr  December 23, 2013

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