Sunday, August 31, 2014

48th San Francisco Ratha Yatra "Festival of the Chariots" Sublime Success

The 48th annual San Francisco Ratha Yatra "Festival of the Chariots" began promptly at noo
n in Golden Gate Park.  The highly decorated and flower bedecked chariots, pulling Lord Sri Krishna and other deities, slowly made their way to the meadow below "hippie hill", where an afternoon of staged music and dance, plus a FREE vegetarian feast was served to all.  Hundreds of bhakti yogis took turns pulling the chariots with ropes, played traditional Indian instruments, danced ecstatically, and chanted vigorously.  The overall effect was a deeply peaceful, sublime experience for all participants.  The general public lined the route and joined in with chanting the mahamantram, clapping to the beat, and urged the devotees onward!  This is precisely the energy needed to counteract the hopeless, depressed, sinking situation which materialism and postmodernism in general represents.  Bhakti yoga offers an elixir; spiritual direct action is an idea whose time has come.

To all of my spiritual associations: Please know that an advanced bhakti has hosted me at his place following my return to California from New Orleans. On Saturday I enjoyed the SF Mime Troupe's play "Ripple Effect", which encourages everyone to fight back against the multinational corporations and their ilk, who seek to control this world and make economic slaves of the rest of us. I am available for spiritual direct action, particularly in Washington D.C.  Please contact me.

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