Sunday, August 31, 2014

LIberated Moment

Liberated Moment
Identifying with the spiritual Absolute
Watching the mind churn out thought after thought
Witnessing this random thinking and not
Being that, or its manufacturer, nor the body
Which contains the mental factory
Is the key to liberation, free from the suffering
Of life and its phenomenally appearing modifications!

Witnessing eternally, not attached to anything at all.
Freedom is within our grasp, just a moment away from
Abominable Kali yuga horror stories which fill the pages
Of today's news media in color with internet links and
Editorials and video footage which shocks and sells more
Of the same to the already stunned public who feed on this
And live the warring of everyday life, and curse the weather
On planet meltdown, and fret constantly over the economic
Unpredictability, and the millions of displaced worldwide cannot
All be accommodated  in a shelter, and they all have to eat.

The avatars are due: Krishna as Vishnu's 10th manifestation Kalki on the white horse brandishing a flaming sword to vanquish the
Demoniac and return the world to righteousness, and also
Maitreya Buddha is due for an appearance, and the awaited
Second coming of Christ.  No wonder all of the yogis are
Applying themselves to practicing mindfulness and being free.

Craig Louis Stehr, August 30, 2014
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