Monday, November 10, 2014

Bhakta Craig is on the move.

Please know that my friend who has hosted me for two weeks on his living room floor at a cottage near Berkeley's People's Park, believes that either my presence, or something which may have been air borne and attached itself to my gear, either in New Orleans or here, is possibly causing him a problem with his immune system. 

As a result, I have agreed to leave.  A representative of the Berkeley Department of Mental Health, whom I reported this to at the Catholic Worker free community breakfast, has arranged for me to get an emergency shelter bed this evening at the MASC (multi-purpose service agency) on Center Street. The "Ambassadors" of the City of Berkeley will escort me there at 6PM and ensure that I be given at least a cot with blankets. 

Otherwise, I remain committed to engage in "spiritual direct action", particularly in Washington D.C., and continue to encourage as a socio-political/radical environmental tactic, the circumambulating of areas of nescience to bind in, and generally counteract, the bogus energy.  Hence, the Washington D.C. "beltway action" continues to be my focus, and beyond that, extrapolating this tactic worldwide to other appropriate places. 

If you have developed your spiritual life, and wish to engage in "spiritual direct action" with me, I may be contacted by email, or snail mail at the Night on the Streets Catholic Worker mail box address which is: P.O. Box 11406, c/o NOSCW, Berkeley, CA 94712-2406.

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