Monday, November 10, 2014

Nirvana in California

The weather in San Francisco is a game of hide and seek
What with the fog rolling in and then travels eastward
To the central valley.  Sunshine brightens up the city,
To change into a cloudy cooler afternoon, with a light mist.
Night time arrives punctually with bright stars and a
Huge moon over Oakland, while Berkeley residents stare up at
The rabbit and discuss its astrological significance.
Nobody in California can tell you for certain what will make
You happy for evermore, but millions are going for it!
The new digital gadgets became available this weekend, and the
Lines were blocks long.  Maybe the digital wristwatch which
Does everything, along with the computer compatible glasses,
All linked to the portable personal tablet, which is aligned
To the home PC, which is accessible from the cellphone will
Finally and at last distract so completely that nobody will
Have any problems anymore.  That is what the guarantee says.

Craig Louis Stehr
September 21, 2014

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