Monday, November 10, 2014

Spiritual Direct Action Group Forming Now

Please join with me to form a spiritual direction group. Isn't it time to go to Washington D.C. and perform rituals, spiritually based theater, and get our collective mojo on, in response to this hopeless governmental area of nescience, and counteract the bogus energy which is emanating from there?  Craig Louis Stehr, September 9, 2014, Email:
Brahma's Prayers to Lord Krishna
Srimad-Bhagavatam: Canto 10, Chapter 14, Verse 22
tasmad idam jagad asesam asat-svarupam
svapnabham asta-dhisanam puru-duhkha-duhkham
tvayy eva nitya-sukha*-bodha-tanav anante
mayata udyad api yat sad ivavabhati

*Nota bene: Nitya Sukha means "eternal happiness": infinite knowledge, immortality, independence, and freedom.

"My lord, this temporary material world, which is like a dream and thus we are suffering the miseries of material existence, trying to enjoy this dream.  It has such potency because it has emanated from You, who are the source of everything.  It is all your divine energy, though when we are bewildered, we see it as something separate."
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