Monday, November 10, 2014

UP-DATE FROM MARK CREEK-WATER, Part 2...Great Climate March Protest

UP-DATE FROM MARK CREEK-WATER, Part 2...Great Climate March Protest.

if u read my first UP-DATE, then u know that i promised to tell u in this UP-DATE #2   WHAT-HAPPEN'D-TODAY-AFTER-4pm ...
the SIGNAL to act came when folks started chant-ing "OFF OF THE SIDE-WALK AND IN-TO THE STREET !!" ... sudden-ly we were in motion:  approx 150 folks headed west-ward-ly on PENNSYLVANIA AVENUE ... "whose streets ??  OUR streets !!" ... our destination:  MONSANTO's offices ... after several wrong turns, due to  folks not actual-ly know-ing where these offices are located, we were back in front of the WHITE HOUSE again, then headed "up" to 13th street + I ["eye"] street, where, evident-ly, the offices are located ... 
of course, the police were follow-ing us:  approx. 10 or more police-cars, with sirens blare-ing ... very-intelligent-ly, they made no attempt to stop us:  instead, they were stop-ing traffic to allow us to proceed on our merry way ... at several points we were march-ing against traffic, weave-ing between the many cars who were STUCK IN GRID-LOCK:  the normal grid-lock which happens every work-day here in the big city ...
after a while hang'n-out at MONSANTO-offices i left  and  walk'd to the corner of 17th + L streets, where my favorite coffee-shop is located:  SURPRISE-SURPRISE:  2 years ago it was a CARIBOU coffee-shop:  now it's a PEET's ... what-ever ... i went in-side and bought a cup-of-coffee, use-ing a $20-bill which a nice woman gave to me early-er today, after she saw me dig-ing in a trash-receptacle ... "THANK YOU VERY MUCH ... BLESS YOU" ... then i explain'd to her that i was RE-CYCLE-ING:  pull-ing re-cycle-able stuff from the trash + place-ing it in-to the re-cycle-bin, which is, (LIKE), right next to the trash-bin ... i'm do-ing this every time i'm in DC ... and love-ing it !!
sincere-ly,  MARK CREEK-WATER DORAZIO,  climate-marcher    Email:

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