Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Now Available for Beast Clusterkill

Warmest spiritual greetings, My newest exit date at Berkeley's Piedmont House travel hostel is Sunday January 3rd at noon. 

I am willing to get on an airplane and go once more in the direction of the New York City--Washington D.C. power strip, for the expressed purpose of going against the current of materialistic stupidity, while being philosophically fully opposed to the idiotic national political primaries, all the while responding eco-offensively to global ecological disintegration, and last but not least, waging spiritual warfare against the "WHY DON'T YOU GO FUCK YOURSELF?" general attitude coming from the New York City financial district and the Washington D.C. capitol hill region.

I am asking you for cooperation, since I will need a place to go to upon arrival, wherever that is going to be on the east coast, and secondly, I am seeking longer term creative associations, to realize advanced spiritually-based street theater, including appropriate rituals, and anything else which has deeper roots and is effective, which we may ultimately introduce.

Meanwhile, I am OMing on the outbreath constantly, Craig Louis Stehr

Craig Louis Stehr
December 29, 2015
4:50 P.M. PST

Saturday, December 26, 2015

Dance of Eternal Luminosity

Took friends yesterday to
SF cathedral
Following it with Christmas feast-lunch
A bay window view at The Franciscan

Mussels & shrimp platter, sea bass & wine

Am paid up through January 2nd @ Berkeley
Piedmont House.  Sent out emails to say
That I'm available for creative living
In America...Occupy Nirvana, Earth First!

"What are we waiting for?", he asks again
Where's a housing base on NYC-DC power strip
And why is there always a blank space regarding
Our logistics?  What kinda revolution is this?

The full realization of the inherent emptiness
Of all phenomena is just the dance of eternal
Luminosity!  Okay all of you "divine anarchists"
What time & place for smartmob beast encircling?

If not us, who?  If not now, when?  No joke, how
Else would you prefer to begin a brand new year?
So email me when you get out of the hot tub, and
Where's my go-to place for the east coast sunrise?

Craig Louis Stehr
San Francisco

Delusion Banquet

In response to their grief over the news of his impending death, Tozan instructed his students to create a "delusion banquet".  
After taking a week to prepare, Tozan seated himself, took one bite of the meal and, after instructing his monks "not to make a big commotion over nothing", went to his room and died.

Happy Holidays!

Seeking Cooperation to Be in the Washington D.C. Region Longer Term

Warm spiritual greetings, I recently sent out emails to say that I wish to return to the Washington D.C. region, to continue spiritually counteracting this suicidal civilization, and particularly to act positively in response to increasing global environmental degradation. 

 I have received back one invitation to camp outside the beltway with two friends and a cat, changing camp grounds every two weeks, and also other email responses wishing me well, etcetera.

     I just extended my stay at a Berkeley, CA travel hostel for two more weeks, in order to give me time to somehow get indoor accommodations in the Washington D.C. area.  What do you think that it takes to form a group to do more than protest outside (and occasionally inside) of Washington D.C. office buildings?  Do you relate to performing spiritual rituals, to effectively awaken a confused materialistic society?  Do you agree with me that conventional protesting has its limitations, and that it is really not enough?

     I am willing to return to the Washington D.C. area as soon as possible.  I can completely support myself, and am able to contribute my part financially for housing and food.  I am  willing to be based somewhere other than Washington D.C. on the east coast, if this results in a group situation which identifies with my essential message.  Indeed, we could always go to the belly of the beast, and live relatively nearby...but not as far away as California, where I am presently based.

     If you appreciate this message, then please respond.  Thank you very much, Craig Louis Stehr

Craig Louis Stehr
December 20, 2015, 5:19 P.M. PST

Eco-Offense, Spiritual Mojo, Power On!

Warm Holiday Greetings, Please know that my guest stay at Piedmont House travel hostel ends on the Winter Solstice, December 22nd at noon.  I will henceforth be available for eco-offense direct actions and collective spiritual mojo rituals. 

I am feeling powerful after several weeks of treating the chest congestion which I got in Washington D.C. (protesting the stupidity of the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission, and also performing a banishing ritual on the D.C. beltway in the ongoing spiritual warfare in the belly of the beast).

I am looking for opportunity!  I am able to afford airplane fare, feed myself, and only ask cooperation for a place to go to upon arrival.  If you believe that we could be effective in saving the planet earth, restoring sanity in society, and ultimately bringing in our spiritual power to purify the core craziness of this civilization, then please contact me

Craig Louis Stehr
December 19, 2015
10:44 A.M. PST
Berkeley, California

Guardian: Paris climate deal: nearly 200 nations sign in end of fossil fuel era

Governments have signalled an end to the fossil fuel era, committing for the first time to a universal agreement to cut greenhouse gas emissions and to avoid the most dangerous effects of climate change.
After 20 years of fraught meetings, including the past two weeks spent in an exhibition hall on the outskirts of Paris, negotiators from nearly 200 countries signed on to a legal agreement on Saturday evening that set ambitious goals to limit temperature rises and to hold governments to account for reaching those targets.
Government and business leaders said the agreement, which set a new goal to reach net zero emissions in the second half of the century, sent a powerful signal to global markets, hastening the transition away from fossil fuels and to a clean energy economy.
The deal was carefully constructed to carry legal force but without requiring approval by the US Congress - which would have almost certainly rejected it.

Joy Harjo: Tribute to John Trudell

One of our beloved messengers left this world December 8, 2015
In the early hours of the morning,
When the dreamers and teachers walk the earth
Speaking to us as we imagine the new day into being,
All of us here essential to the story in the great imagining.
They took John with them. It was time.

And he was ready, he’d said his goodbyes, only for now
Because we live in eternity together.
And was circled by those he loved: his children,
People whose lives he shared from his many travels
In this world to speak and sing the dreams and visions
He’d been given to take care of, to share.

And contingents of young warriors, from all over the country
Including Hickory Ground or Oce Vpofv people, from one of the last
Calls John answered for justice from the East, and other groups
From the North, West, and South arrived to pay respect
Because he was one of them, grown older and wise
After paying the terrible costs of being human
In a society broken by lies, greed, and our failures.

Everything has a cost.
Carrying a vision out of such massive tests demands the highest price of a prophet.
And we are human beings only after all.
And some visions are relentless.
To know the images and words you have to live them.
And they will not let you rest.

In every season are given messengers.
They rise up to carry a voice for a nation, a people, a time.
They emerge through holes from broken history, from bloody grounds,
stirred from the collective dream field by a need to rectify
the difference between earthly injustice and holy vision.

John Trudell was born of the need for someone among us
to stand and speak, from the Santee Sioux
Out of the heartbreak of this country, on February 15, 1946.
He grew up like other young native men, wandering these lands
Fed by water, trees, stones, and education that didn’t include them.
And in the middle of the age, when natives began gathering
Together from their tribal fires

Around the common need to affirm our mutual presence
As caretakers of our lands, our families, our existence as distinct nations
in an age of the rise of multinational corporate overlords,
and the continued loss and theft of our children to the greed carnival,
John stood up with his generation of change makers,
Questioners of evil, and warriors for justice.

He was there at Alcatraz, on the Trail of Broken Treaties, he traveled widely
as a wise witness in Indian country, in the aftermath of the aftermath
as the people stood for water rights, human rights, the right
to be human in a time when people were forgetting
What it means to be human.

“We must go beyond the arrogance of human rights,” he reminded us.
“We must go beyond the ignorance of civil rights.
We must step into the reality of natural rights
because all of the natural world has a right to existence
and we are only a small part of it.
There can be no trade off.”

We need these words more than ever now.

He was John Lennon, the son of Crazy Horse, Dylan of the urban rez, the rez rez, the world rez.

“I am just a human being trying to make it in a world that is very rapidly losing its understanding of being human.”

John knew that art and culture were the ways to raise us up.
Our creations hold memory so we can know who we were, who
We are, and how we are becoming—he said that the artists and warriors of the heart
are the poets, musicians, rappers, dancers, actors, painters... those who create.

He was the original thinker who said:
“Think more. Believe less.” (Believe has the word “lie” in it.)
“We don’t need more leaders. What we need are thinkers.”
“We need to make peace with the earth.”

John roused an army of young native spoken word artists, and made it okay for a warrior
To write poetry. Poetry is the love a man and woman make when they create
A planet together. Poetry is a cleansing rain bringing water to a thirsty land.

John said of his poems, “They’re called poems, but in reality they’re lines
Given to me to hang on to.” And hang onto them we did,
fromTribal VoicetoHeart Jump Bouquet, toAKA Graffiti MantoBlue Indian,Bone Days,DNA: Descendants Now Ancestors,Madness and the Moremes,Crazier than HeIl,andWazi’s Dream, and many others.

And hang on to his words we will, for they remind us that:

“No matter what they ever do to us, we must always act for the love of our people and the earth. We must not react out of hatred for those who have no sense.”

These are good words for making a trail through this beloved earth
Into the next world, a road we are all traveling together.

A very human prophet carried these words, to share, for us to continue to share.
Thank you/Mvto for honoring us with your gifts, your smile, your laughter.
John Trudell and his family ask that people pray and celebrate in their own way.
“… I appreciate all of your expressions of love. It has been like a fire to my heart. Thank you all for that fire. But please don’t worry about me, I know what I’m doing…”
We won’t worry. We will look forward to hearing that next concert with you and Jesse Ed Davis in the sky. Don’t look back. Keep going. We will see you on the other side.
Joy Harjo is a member of the Muscogee/Creek Nation, Hickory Ground Ceremonial Ground, and lives in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Her newest collection is a book of poetry, “Conflict Resolution for Holy Beings,” from W.W. Norton. You can find her


read more here

John Trudell: Human Being

JohnTrudell_AlcatrazOccupation_AP Photo by Richard Drew
John Trudell at Alcatraz Occupation. Photo: Richard Drew.
"Don't trust anyone who isn't angry."  ~John Trudell

“I don’t want to tell people how to remember me. I want people to remember me as they remember me.” —John Trudell

Jerome Wagner December 9 2015

Dear Folks: I haven't written in a while - in case you hadn't noticed. Some of you may have been wondering if I was behind bars or recovering from pepper-spray. No, no. Nothing that memorable ;)

On Tuesday, after arriving at the Climate Generations space, I was asked to take a picture of 3 guys. "No prob..." One of them was Mark Jacobson - Professor Jacobson - the "Solutions Project" man. Some words about him:

"In 2009, he coauthored a plan, featured on the cover of Scientific American, to power the world for all purposes with wind, water, and sunlight (WWS). In 2010, he appeared in a TED debate rated as the sixth all-time science and technology TED talk. In 2011, he cofounded The Solutions Project, a group that combines science, business, and culture to develop and implement science based clean-energy plans for states and countries. In 2013, his group developed individual WWS energy plans for each of the 50 United States."

Well - this will seem a bit teenager-ish - but, I had to have Mark sign something! Like, he's a hero! The handiest thing to have him sign was my shirt, while I was wearing it - so now I have Mark's signature on my 350NJ shirt! [Since then, Sandra Steingraber has added hers to the shirt as well :) ]

Also on Tuesday there was a procession in the public space. At the head of march were posters marked "What are we going to do about the United States?" That was direct. I didn't ask about the background; one is left to imagine...

Lack of Voice: Poster-vigiling isn't allowed outside the NGO and delegate spaces; we learned that a few days ago. Today, the French police outside the US Embassy were even quicker to react "protectively." Even the Tuileries Garden bicycle-mounted security eventually interrupted the poster-vigiling. [The offending poster from today is pictured in the attachment.] We had an anti-fracking rally today in front of the NGO space - while encircled by many policemen. We did some chanting and yelling - that felt good - and appropriate. We had found some voice.
On the shuttle, I chatted with a French woman named Christine. She reflected on the possibility that the impossible - a miracle - could happen. The Pope's encyclical might be the foundation for some change of heart; personal engagements with people directly affected by climate disasters might change some hearts; prayer, as well, might operate to change hearts. She had been in Germany at the time that the Berlin wall fell; just months before that happened, it would have seemed inconceivable that that would happen. We offered thanks and blessings to each other on parting.

The attached meme exhibits the tension which is in the air: i) will we be able to do a "happy dance in the end zone" this Friday; or, ii) is that wholly wishful thinking? Or, iii) will it still be imperative that WE remain vigilant and active to assure that enough is ultimately done? I'm feeling that option iii will remain the prudent choice for civil society.

Of increasing interest now is how the masses will react to whatever outcome emerges in the coming days... Could energetic protests arise? Will the foment be effectively curtailed? Will some "miracle" intervene?

God Blesses. jerome

Thou Art That

"One who is completely rid of coming and going, and finally, one who is completely rid of one's very own concept that 'I am', is completely liberated."

~Sri Nisargadatta Maharaj

Swami Krishnananda Solves Your Problem!

"The more we get united in spirit, we become our own law,
and nobody else need inject law into our veins."

~Swami Krishnananda, General Secretary of the Divine Life Society for over 60 years, who foretold the day he would leave the earth plane; went into mahasamadhi in Muni-ki-Reti, India, and effortlessly went up

Lacy MacAuley's COP 21 Reportback; 2 Videos

SIGN-ON REQUESTED - COP21 Message from Frontline Sacrifice Zone Communities

Dear Friends and Family in the Struggle,

Maybe you've already received this, but just in case, here is the letter sign-on link that I hope you can fill out!  

*PLEASE* Forward this along to your listservs -- Signatures from all frontline sacrifice zone communities AND supportive indviduals are being collected

The following is "An Open Letter to All Participants in the United Nations Conference on Climate Change/COP21" and will be going abroad to the Paris climate talks and the community organizers are seeking more signers from folks like you and me who have a vested interest in justice.  

This is NOT an effort to collect organization names as the ideas is to express solidarity as well as impacted status beyond business structures.  We are humans working with humans and the hope is to express this for on-going organizing efforts in so-called North America as well as for those traveling to Paris to deliver this message to leaders and representatives from across the national and global movement spaces.  

If you use social media, please share and tag friends from this direct link.

Vast appreciation to the many who developed this initiative and those helping to push the messages upward.  Thoughts and Love to those throwing down in Paris.  

Thank you for your support and sign-on!

With Love,
Jimmy Betts
Omaha, Nebraska and Beyond.

                          Jimmy Betts, Qualmless Life Artist                         

 I do not need to believe we will win. I know it!  But we must do it together.  
                             - ‪#‎Intersectionality‬ is ‪#‎Reality‬ -

Jerome Wagner at COP21: Sunday November 29 in Paris

Today, in Paris, was to have been large march to underscore  global concern for climate action and set the stage for resolute action on the part of world leaders in the coming 2 weeks of climate negotiations. The Bataclan killings derailed those plans.

In lieu of the Paris march, organizers presented a collection of shoes at Place de la Republique and then a human chain down Rue Voltaire.

                             [Notably, the human chain ran across the street from the Bataclan theater.]

Some of the sights 
Virtual Marchers: An Array of Shoes - We can't march - but we are here. These shoes may be empty. But our hopes - our expectations - our concerns - overflow.

The Climate Guardians - These women - young through elderly - are from Australia. "We don't want our country to become a big extraction project which will worsen the climate." They presented drawings and statements from their children.

Young Woman in Costume - This young woman lives in the French Alps. She loves to hike the region's glaciers - which are receding. "The changes this year are frightening." Her patch reads "Citizen of the World" - which, indeed, all animals, all life are, along with us humans. She smiled for my camera; I suspect, however, that her heart is sad, concerned.

Climate Justice Shoes - Fortunately, these require no input from me :)
Young Men for Climate Action - One of their signs reads "State of Climatic Emergency - for a climate of peace." The other reads "Leave It In the Ground."

"Ils Ne Sont Grands" - "They are big, only if we are kneeling." This suggests to me that we continue to empower ourselves to "take on" the powers that oppose transition from fossil fuels and towards social injustice.

The Roof of the Earth is Melting - A Tibetan group.
Ben & Jerry's - In the Metro at Voltaire we found this billboard: "When It's Melted, We're Scr*wed" (my translation). This shows the base of the Eiffel Tower and Notre Dame - Paris icons - under water. A literal possibility?
God Blesses. jerome

Daily Zen

Calm yourself, quiet yourself,

Master your senses.
Look right into the source of mind,
Always keep it shining bright,
Clear and pure,
Do not give rise to an indifferent mind.

~Daman Hongren (601-674)

Jerome Wagner of Beyond Extreme Energy Sends this fr. Paris/11/28/'15

Subject: JW-COP21: Opening Comments - and "Gullibility? or Desperation?"
Dear All: Many of you were "along" for my fast in W-DC a few months ago. Now, I have the great fortune to be in Paris (France) to observe the climate conference.

Any of you who follow climate action know that we are a crucial juncture - effective, bold action vs. irreversible change and potential catastrophe. 
Currently, major global powers are postured to deliver commitments which will yield 2.7C of temperature increase; this, when 2C is deemed appropriate and many think 1.5C is more prudent (i.e., postured to under-whelm, to our collective distress). More is needed - faster.
I will report out periodically. Enjoy!
So the flight (United 57 from Newark to Charles DeGaulle) went great: left on time, arrived early, had a nice meal, found an electrical outlet to recharge the phone. Arrived in Paris at 7am local time: still nighttime (seemingly), fog as thick as pea soup. Pretty long wait at passport control; no customs inspections. Took the shuttle from the airport to the RER station and then the B train into town - Gare du Nord.

I had some idea what to do there - what metro train to look for. A fellow sort of bumps into me, starts tracking me. Starts by asking me where I'm going. Informs me that there is construction work going on along the route I had planned. Suggests an alternate approach, which I am familiar with. Buys a ticket, starts taking me toward that other train. Brings me to a relatively deserted area of the station, giving me the ticket he had bought and saying, "33 euros... It's good for several days, all over town..."

The good news: I did get where I wanted to go :) The bad news: That ticket wasn't good past the trip just taken :( 33 euros for a trip worth 1.70...

"Welcome to Paris," he explained when I said that sounded like a lot of money. Indeed.
Another man would have said, "Get lost" - perhaps.
The ATM's are glad to spit more money out for me so I'm not in trouble.
My life doesn't typically intersect with those who use such means to get along. It is unnerving to me.
Meanwhile, the brasseries along the street advertise meals for 10 euros. That is an expenditure I will soon be glad to make :)



Urban dwellers walk past trees, walk into trees, drive into trees, and appear to be unaware of the inherent sacredness of trees.  Penthouse condominiums feature trees in large planters to enhance living rooms.  The popular ficus lyrata (fiddle leaf fig) embellishes many bank lobbies.  Luxury residences plant trees for shade, on roof top gardens.  Of course, trees are still used to  make furniture.  The new Rolls Royce convertible has a wooden back panel, which hides the top.  There's even a wooden wristwatch in stores now.  Wood featured consumer products took off in the 1950s, with the introduction of a station wagon featuring wooden sides.  Instant fame and increased sales resulted from the "woody" being on the cover of a Beach Boys record album in Southern California.

It wasn't until the 1970s, with the birth of the environmental movement at Earth Day, that the general public became hip to the fact that trees play a critical role ecologically.  In part due to the collaboration of radical environmentalists with indigenous tribal groups, sacred rituals were enacted in the defense of Mother Earth, and trees were appreciated for their inherent sacredness.  Shoshone elder Corbin Harney taught this at protests at the Nevada Test Site.  This is historically predated by ancient vedic rituals, as defined in the Atharva Veda, India's collection of magical chants.  Tulsi and Neem leaves are used today for their healing properties in ayurvedic medicine.  In other traditions, there is the Tree of Knowledge, the sacred cedars of Lebanon (used for Egyptian shipbuilding), the tree Yggdrasil of Norse mythology (which coincidently, was the name of the tree that was occupied in the first Earth First! tree sit in the Pacific Northwest, by organizer Ron Huber, with Mike Jakubal in another tree nearby), and heaven knows that I would never leave the good christians out of this, so I'll cite the example of Jesus looking good on wood, (after which he beat the reaper and ascended).

In the spirit of "first thought best thought", this was composed at the Caffe Mediterraneum, following which I will proceed to People's Park to hug the tree which Zachary Running Wolf moved into, protesting the cutting down of oak trees to accommodate the expansion of the UC Berkeley athletic complex.  And finally, I will visit the redwood tree which my 1974 spiritually eclectic commune planted at the corner of Roosevelt and Allston Way in central Berkeley, CA.  That tree is ever growing girthwise, and the telephone company recently had to split the lines to accommodate the tree's skyward push, proving that in the end, nature bats last.

Craig Louis Stehr

Berzerkely for the Holidays

 I have called off the formation of an Earth First! affinity group for the COP 21 in Paris.  Some of the Beyond Extreme Energy participants are still going to go, but what with the recent carnage, and the resultant certain-to-be very heightened security, doubtful it is that anything beyond the mildest street theatrics will be possible.  

I think that we would have to be insane to perform direct action there at this time, all things considered.  

Therefore, I will be at Berkeley's Piedmont House  during the holiday season; and will attend the climate justice march tomorrow in Oakland (which begins at 10:30AM at the amphitheatre at Lake Merrit, and the 1PM rally is in front of City Hall at the great big oak tree).  Cheers!  ;-

Earth First! COP 21 Affinity Group/Paris Nov. 30 to Dec. 11: INSTRUCTIONS IN CODE

Meet at the Eiffel Tower at noon November 30th, 2015 and then we will all
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