Tuesday, January 20, 2015

The Ultimate Wisdom of Tao

"The true follower of Tao does not grasp at the Buddha, nor at
bodhisattvas, nor at arhats, nor at the exceeding glories in the three realms.  Attaining transcendental independence and untrammeled freedom, the true follower adheres to nothing.

Even if the universe should collapse, their faith would not falter.  Should all the Buddhas from the ten heavens appear before them, there would not be the slightest elation.  Nor would they experience the slightest fear, should all the demons come out.  How can one be this calm?"
--Linji Yixuan

Nirguna Brahman

The complexity of phenomena has the collective mind mesmerized.  No inkling that it is dream appearance, in spite of the blatant fact that nothing is graspable.  

It is impossible to hold on to anything, including the idea of life on the earth plane.  Nobody can do it.  Nobody ever has been able to do it.  The meditation master warns: "Do not be attached to anything at all!"  

Where are the great teachers right now?  Where are you?  Are you?  Who?  Nirguna Brahman is defined by ancient Indian rishis as "the Absolute without qualities".  You of no caste, take care of your karma, because an angry, mad elephant is waiting.  August 21, 2017 is the next full solar eclipse...the moment when deep understanding coincides with clarification of the Avatar's mission.  Oh warriors for righteousness, be centered and await the sound of the sacred conch shell.

Craig Louis Stehr
San Francisco

Matthew Michel of Occupy D.C. "Completes the Poem"!

All of the environmental complications,and all of the peace and justice related social issues,
are now in a reed basket on a river bank,gently warmed by the sun. 

Please go there and sit down,
and watch your breath effortlessly go in and out of your nose,
as your stomach extends and retracts, extends and retracts,
and it is all witnessed by
Innumerable mother beings
caring for one another,
and the great void.
Awareness and the fundamental realization
lap on the bank, in the weaves of the basket,
and in every ray of light, in all Universes.
Water, basis of most living beings in this world,
curves the light, a subtle dance.  In the sediment,
in the motion of fine particles,
a pattern like the battery of a brain.
Will you have tea, sit by the river?

A nectarine ripens.  The cup is a container for the gem-like
wisdom of the Teachings, vapor before your eyes and
tongue.  A wind casts it beyond.
thanks for reading
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Von: "Craig Stehr" <craigstehr@inbox.com>
An: michel.matthew@gmx.de
Betreff: Happy New Year

Happy New Year

All of the environmental complications, and all of the peace and justice
related social issues, are now in a reed basket on a river bank, gently warmed by the sun.  Please go there and sit down, and watch your breath effortlessly go in and out of your nose, as your stomach extends and retracts, extends and retracts, and it is all witnessed by...YOU ARE INVITED TO COMPLETE THIS POEM.

~Happy New Year~
Craig Louis Stehr
December 31, 2014
Berkeley, CA, USA
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Snail mail: P.O. Box 809,
Berkeley, CA 94701-0809
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Here:Berkeley Public Library...Now:3:57P.M.

Chanting silently the mahamantram (Hare Krishna Hare Krishna Krishna Krishna Hare Hare  Hare Rama Hare Rama Rama Rama Hare Hare) in order to keep the mind united with its source; all actions emanate from there!  

Staying at the Piedmont House hostel in a private room for $55 bucks per night in Berkeley, CA... Dental work scheduled beginning December 29th.  Otherwise, there are no appointments at all.  Free to return to Washington D.C. for the seventh time to "intervene in history".  Am seeking others for a spiritual direct action group.  What are we waiting for?  HAPPY NEW YEAR

Details for 2015 Washington D.C. Spiritual Direct Actions

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Spiritual Direct Action Group Forming

Warmest spiritual greetings, Please know that I am inviting all interested individuals to join with me for the purpose of creating a spiritual direct action group!  This is clearly an idea whose time has come.  The purpose of this group is to "intervene in history", on the eve of permanent global climate destabilization, endless war, a visionless global economic oligarchy, and a pointless existence for all sentient beings.  

This is a hardcore magickal working group, using every tool in the tool box.  If this interests you, let's convene in Washington D.C. soon.

Craig Louis Stehr
Email: CraigStehr@inbox.com
Blog: http://craiglstehr.blogspot.com

What are we waiting for?

Mindfully walking around Berkeley, CA
Read about the protests in Washington D.C.
Read AdBusters which encourages everybody
To finally and at last "kill the monster"
As an alternative to mindlessly drinking
Lattes, beer, vodka, and cases of wine,
Because the hour is way past late for
All life on earth, and for the earth, and
It's time for coherent, cohesive, spiritual
Action!  Not protests, banner hanging, write-
Your-congressperson, not demonstrating, not
Holding vigils for world peace, not singing
Folk songs, not voting voting voting voting
We're talking about spiritual direct action,
Y'all...rituals, magic symbols, prayers, think
Circularly, activate your mojo, be effective,
Get it done, do it now, kill the monster!

Craig Louis Stehr

Place to place...

I will be at Berkeley's Piedmont House hostel located at 2434 Piedmont Ave. between Haste & Dwight (Telephone 510-849-4800) from Monday November 24th until noon December 1st.  

Am leaving Green Tortoise hostel at 11AM Monday morning; I may arrive at the Berkeley hostel before the check-in time, stash my backpack, leave and then return for the formal check-in.  This sums up my immediate itinerary.  ;-)

Craig Louis Stehr
November 22, 2014
7:16 P.M.

NEZ spelled backwards

Street car broke down, ensuing
visit to West Portal Library
branch reveals there's only this:
nothing to do, and nowhere to go.
Everywhere is here. We're free.

Craig Louis Stehr

Spiritual direct action

Warm spiritual greetings, I just received a message from Rich Gardner (who bottom-lines the Philadelphia Independent Media Center website).  He said that there isn't much of a movement happening there right now.  

Frankly, I don't really care if the peace & justice/environmental movement is happening significantly on the east coast right now, because I'm ready. I mean, what am I supposed to do...just forget about it all because the movement's lame?

I am living week to week at the Green Tortoise traveler's hostel in San Francisco, and am ready to leave here and return to the front lines of radical action in Washington D.C. Like I said, what am I supposed to do...just forget about it all?

Craig Louis Stehr, November 14, 2014
Email: CraigStehr@inbox.com
Blog: http://craiglstehr.blogspot.com