Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Matthew Michel of Occupy D.C. "Completes the Poem"!

All of the environmental complications,and all of the peace and justice related social issues,
are now in a reed basket on a river bank,gently warmed by the sun. 

Please go there and sit down,
and watch your breath effortlessly go in and out of your nose,
as your stomach extends and retracts, extends and retracts,
and it is all witnessed by
Innumerable mother beings
caring for one another,
and the great void.
Awareness and the fundamental realization
lap on the bank, in the weaves of the basket,
and in every ray of light, in all Universes.
Water, basis of most living beings in this world,
curves the light, a subtle dance.  In the sediment,
in the motion of fine particles,
a pattern like the battery of a brain.
Will you have tea, sit by the river?

A nectarine ripens.  The cup is a container for the gem-like
wisdom of the Teachings, vapor before your eyes and
tongue.  A wind casts it beyond.
thanks for reading
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