Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Craig Stehr coming to EF! Journal office soon...

To the EF Journal Collective
My warmest spiritual greetings to all, As you know, in conversation with Rabbit and other journalistas at the EF! rondy in Vermont, I was invited to be at the house in Florida, and explore with you a relationship insofar as to what I might offer as a participant.

     Since then, I've been in Maine, and am presently staying as a houseguest with Ron Huber (EF! icon and saltwater specialist, and director of Friends of Penobscot Bay).  I wish to fly to where you are, and come to the house soon.  First off, where are you in Gainesville?  Secondly, my friends in Berkeley, CA own a hostel in Gainesville, where I could be if this develops into a longer term situation; and, I have sufficient money to maintain myself.

     I've asked Ron to telephone you to discuss possible articles of analysis re: Maine's Penobscot Bay and river.               

I will get a travel agent to obtain for me an inexpensive airplane ticket and ask my friends in Berkeley what the name of their hostel in Gainesville is called.

     For now, I ask you to respond to this, and I will show up at some point, relatively soon.  Be well, Craig

Craig Louis Stehr

Post Earth First! RRR Message

Warmest spiritual greetings, Please know that the Earth First! Round River Rondezvous held in Vermont's Green Mountains (on Romance Mountain, next to a blueberry management area), was an intense eight days from July 1-8.  

Arriving in the rain with my neo-pagan friends the Novack family farmers from Massachusetts, we set up tents in the woods above the main fire circle and tarped workshop areas.  I volunteered with the Seeds of Peace/Eastern Kitchen and bottom-lined the pots 'n pans/dishes washing pit, when not chopping vegetables for the three daily meals serving a peak of 300 Earth First!ers, assorted generic anarchists, and the general public who attended.  

The week was characterized by intense soul searching in regard to racial issues, native American colonization issues, transexual/gay lifestyles, and to what extent Earth First! has succeeded or failed in realizing a necessary diverse movement identity over the past four decades.  [Regardless of the heated debates, the February 2016 Earth First! Organizers Conference will NOT be held in Oakland!]  

The week was educational for all, mostly intelligent and respectful, not fully satisfying for everyone, and yet the EF! Green Mountain Vermont host group was gracious, in spite of receiving a disproportionate amount of the criticism for the gathering's not appearing more like a world social forum.

     The after rondy direct action took place at three locations, and to see the photos, please go to the Earth First! newswire  on the internet.

     Nota bene: I was presented with the "hero of action camp" award, a wooden handled vintage monkey wrench, given to me by the Seeds of Peace radical catering collective, for having gone beyond the third dimension to ensure that there were no cases of illness food related.

     Subsequent to the post rondy direct actions, I was driven to Bucksport, Maine for three days of rebalancing.  The EF! icon and saltwater specialist Ron Huber is picking me up tomorrow morning to visit with him in Rockland, Maine where he is director of Penobscot Bay Watch.  

I am  advocating the possible development of a saltwater issues insert for the Earth First! Journal, which may contain a CD or two; and it will not affect the price of the publication.  If you have any suggestions for this, please email Penobscot Bay Watch at coastwatch@gmail.com.

     I love all of you eco-warriors madly, Craig Louis Stehr

Craig Louis Stehr
July 9, 2015
Bucksport, Maine