Saturday, December 26, 2015

Berzerkely for the Holidays

 I have called off the formation of an Earth First! affinity group for the COP 21 in Paris.  Some of the Beyond Extreme Energy participants are still going to go, but what with the recent carnage, and the resultant certain-to-be very heightened security, doubtful it is that anything beyond the mildest street theatrics will be possible.  

I think that we would have to be insane to perform direct action there at this time, all things considered.  

Therefore, I will be at Berkeley's Piedmont House  during the holiday season; and will attend the climate justice march tomorrow in Oakland (which begins at 10:30AM at the amphitheatre at Lake Merrit, and the 1PM rally is in front of City Hall at the great big oak tree).  Cheers!  ;-

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