Saturday, December 26, 2015

EARTH FIRST! COP 21 in Paris, France Affinity Group Forming

Please accept my warmest spiritual greetings, Following my return to California from my ninth trip to Washington D.C. (since the summer of 1991 volunteering with the D.C. Catholic Worker), I have participated in May and again in September, with the Beyond Extreme Energy group, protesting the policies of the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission for their mindlessly issuing fracking permits (N.B. part of our group completed an 18 day water-only fast, the Franciscan Action Network set up information tables in McPherson Square to support our protest

Pope Francis of the Holy See gave us a public commendation, and President Obama sent Homeland Security around to be cordial to us following the Catholic pontiff's praise).  Having reported all of the frontline details, and seeing it published in the finest of America's radical press, I returned to Berkeley, CA following the successful completion of our dissent at the FERC, which, by the way, concluded with the five FERC commissioners accepting copies from us of Pope Francis's encyclical, in which he endorsed emergency climate justice activism.
   My coughing began about two weeks before I left the district; following a "widdershins banishing of the bogus energy of the belly of the beast" ritual, wherein we drove completely around the beltway with myself, rune specialist Jesse Schultz, and his partner the magical Pepper and her two cats, mantram chanting from several traditions, visualizing the denoument of just about everything defined as postmodern existential, and ultimately engaging our individual spiritual mojo silently.  Upon my return to NorCal, I went to the Life Long Medical Clinic in Oakland where I have a membership.  The nurse sent me to Herrick Hospital for a chest x-ray, and to Quest Diagnostics for the standard blood/urine lab tests. In the two weeks that I waited for my second appointment to evaluate the tests, I suffered random fevers, a significant drop in energy in which I was sleeping up to fifteen hours per night, an ongoing cough and expectoration of system-manufactured mucus, and the nagging question of what I would do if I failed to dematerialize at the proper time, and instead had to deal with the possible problem of a corpse, and the dispensation of money that I inherited, which is in my checking account.
    On my own initiative, I went to Kabuki Spa in San Francisco for sauna/steam sessions, took herbal homeopathic capsules sold at Berkeley's Lhasa Karnak herb store, took teaspoons of Chaywanprash purchased from the Jai Ho Indian Grocery in San Francisco's Fillmore district, an herbal concoction purchased from a Vietnamese pharmacy in Oakland's Chinatown, Holy Basil capsules from an ayurvedic company, Orbas menthol cough drops, Tylenol PM, in addition to cough syrup and an inhaler of albuterol prescribed for me.
    On Friday November 6th, I had my test evaluation appointment at Life Long Medical. I have been informed by the Life Long Medical Clinic in Oakland, California, that my chest x-ray was "glorious", that my lab reports indicate that I have high cholesterol, a slight increase in blood pressure, and that I have a deficiency in vitamin D.  I have been informed that my present situation of chest congestion is due to the fact of "where we are"; in other words, my environmental living situation on the earth plane, and that the nurse also coughs in the morning, and, that my casual smoking over the years at parties is not relevant.  Furthermore, a clinic M.D. (in addition to the nurse) also reviewed my x-rays and lab tests, because I was so adamant that I had emphysema after 66 years of spontaneous bohemian living. The doctor asked the nurse to inform me that there is nothing seriously the matter with me!
     This morning I was injected with a recently developed (and just arrived at the clinic for over 65 members) pneumonia vaccine.  I was given a printout of my Quest Diagnostics lab tests.  I was encouraged to make another appointment in three months for a follow-up appointment for lab tests to check my cholesterol level, and considering that I cannot guarantee that I'll even be in the San Francisco bay area three months from now, I agreed that I will at least call in to let the medical team know how I am doing.

     The nurse gave me permission to celebrate the fact that I do not have Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease, by getting together with my longtime zen priest and hiking partner Steve Cunningham for a couple of rounds of Belgium brews, as long as I agreed to 1. Not smoke, 2. Not salt my food, 3. Go to Ocean Beach and get some sunlight, and 4. Schedule my next appointment at Japantown's Kabuki Spa.

     In conclusion, I am  seeking others to create a revolutionary ecological affinity group for the purpose of being at the Conference of the Parties #21 in Paris, France November 30th to December 11th, to intervene in history.  If you are interested, I invite you to contact me, now that I do not have to plan for my long term COPD management, and eventual death. I am thanking you in advance for your cooperation.
     All my hot love,  Craig Louis Stehr

Craig Louis Stehr
November 6, 2015

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