Saturday, December 26, 2015

Eco-Offense, Spiritual Mojo, Power On!

Warm Holiday Greetings, Please know that my guest stay at Piedmont House travel hostel ends on the Winter Solstice, December 22nd at noon.  I will henceforth be available for eco-offense direct actions and collective spiritual mojo rituals. 

I am feeling powerful after several weeks of treating the chest congestion which I got in Washington D.C. (protesting the stupidity of the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission, and also performing a banishing ritual on the D.C. beltway in the ongoing spiritual warfare in the belly of the beast).

I am looking for opportunity!  I am able to afford airplane fare, feed myself, and only ask cooperation for a place to go to upon arrival.  If you believe that we could be effective in saving the planet earth, restoring sanity in society, and ultimately bringing in our spiritual power to purify the core craziness of this civilization, then please contact me

Craig Louis Stehr
December 19, 2015
10:44 A.M. PST
Berkeley, California

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