Saturday, December 26, 2015

Seeking Cooperation to Be in the Washington D.C. Region Longer Term

Warm spiritual greetings, I recently sent out emails to say that I wish to return to the Washington D.C. region, to continue spiritually counteracting this suicidal civilization, and particularly to act positively in response to increasing global environmental degradation. 

 I have received back one invitation to camp outside the beltway with two friends and a cat, changing camp grounds every two weeks, and also other email responses wishing me well, etcetera.

     I just extended my stay at a Berkeley, CA travel hostel for two more weeks, in order to give me time to somehow get indoor accommodations in the Washington D.C. area.  What do you think that it takes to form a group to do more than protest outside (and occasionally inside) of Washington D.C. office buildings?  Do you relate to performing spiritual rituals, to effectively awaken a confused materialistic society?  Do you agree with me that conventional protesting has its limitations, and that it is really not enough?

     I am willing to return to the Washington D.C. area as soon as possible.  I can completely support myself, and am able to contribute my part financially for housing and food.  I am  willing to be based somewhere other than Washington D.C. on the east coast, if this results in a group situation which identifies with my essential message.  Indeed, we could always go to the belly of the beast, and live relatively nearby...but not as far away as California, where I am presently based.

     If you appreciate this message, then please respond.  Thank you very much, Craig Louis Stehr

Craig Louis Stehr
December 20, 2015, 5:19 P.M. PST

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