Saturday, December 26, 2015

SIGN-ON REQUESTED - COP21 Message from Frontline Sacrifice Zone Communities

Dear Friends and Family in the Struggle,

Maybe you've already received this, but just in case, here is the letter sign-on link that I hope you can fill out!  

*PLEASE* Forward this along to your listservs -- Signatures from all frontline sacrifice zone communities AND supportive indviduals are being collected

The following is "An Open Letter to All Participants in the United Nations Conference on Climate Change/COP21" and will be going abroad to the Paris climate talks and the community organizers are seeking more signers from folks like you and me who have a vested interest in justice.  

This is NOT an effort to collect organization names as the ideas is to express solidarity as well as impacted status beyond business structures.  We are humans working with humans and the hope is to express this for on-going organizing efforts in so-called North America as well as for those traveling to Paris to deliver this message to leaders and representatives from across the national and global movement spaces.  

If you use social media, please share and tag friends from this direct link.

Vast appreciation to the many who developed this initiative and those helping to push the messages upward.  Thoughts and Love to those throwing down in Paris.  

Thank you for your support and sign-on!

With Love,
Jimmy Betts
Omaha, Nebraska and Beyond.

                          Jimmy Betts, Qualmless Life Artist                         

 I do not need to believe we will win. I know it!  But we must do it together.  
                             - ‪#‎Intersectionality‬ is ‪#‎Reality‬ -

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