Saturday, January 2, 2016

I'd Like to Ritually Shove Postmodernism's Head Up Its Insane Ass!

I am sitting here at a computer at Berkeley, California's Piedmont House travel hostel, sending out networking messages to realize a group solidarity situation on the New York City to Washington D.C. materialistic power strip.  I want to be there performing spiritual rituals and doing direct action for the purpose of shoving postmodernism's head up its insane ass! 

 I am very unhappy about the idiocy of the current political primaries, in which a lunatic Republican and a visionless time's-up Democrat are the only candidates allowed to debate on national television, with other worthy candidates, (such as from the Green Party), not being allowed to participate.

I think that social life here in postmodern America is spiritually pointless, that the average citizen doesn't fundamentally know what is going on, and that the consumerist pop culture is slowly going mad.

I am ready to leave here and proceed to the New York City--Washington D.C. power strip as soon as possible.  I am accepting cooperation to go somewhere upon arrival, because what else would I do to get active again there?

Where the hell am I supposed to a tree in winter?  Where is the solidarity, and why did Occupy ever stop functioning on the east coast?  Fair weather radicalism is worse than stupid!

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