Sunday, February 14, 2016

FERC Valentine Project: Bringing Our Love to the Homes of FERC Commissioners!

 Send A Valentine Message to the FERC Commissioners at their Home Addresses!

Tell FERC commissioners that pipelines, LNG, compressor stations and fracking are no “Love Story” for front-line communities. This Valentine’s Day, send a message to FERC commissioners at their homes!
We protect what we love, and we expect FERC to do the same.

Grab your paste, markers, fancy doily hearts and construction paper, and pour your hearts out.
Here's what to do in 6 steps.
1.) Create your Valentine Messages for the FERC commissioners. The more personalized, the better. You can make your own, or you can download one already made here
2.) Take pictures of your Valentine Messages. They can be pictures of the messages alone, or selfies of you holding the messages--whichever you prefer.
3.) Send your messages to the home addresses of the four FERC commissioners. Each commissioner has two addresses--one outside DC, and one inside DC. Send your messages to as many of the addresses as you'd like. The more, the better. These addresses can be found on the instructions flyer above and in the link below.
4.) If you use Twitter, tweet your pictures at the FERC commissioners. More instructions are in the flyer above and  the link below.
5.) If you use Facebook, share your pictures there as well. More instructions are in the flyer above and the link below.
6.) Let us know you sent your messages by e-mailing your pictures to Please include your name and where you're from. Please send only those things which you're comfortable having shared online.  
 Please click here for all the details, including home addresses and twitter handles.
Much gratitude to the people who worked together to make this project happen!

Please share this e-mail with all of your networks. :