Saturday, June 25, 2016

At the National Cherry Blossom Festival

We've got a break in the environmental direct actions in Washington D.C., with the April-May protestations now being organized, and a lot of the planning is happening outside of the region. This precludes activity at both of the political conventions in July in Cleveland and Philadelphia.  Beyond Extreme Energy needs money, and may be contacted at

     Meanwhile, due to errors and significant confusion by local travel hostels, I am going to the Hotel Harrington for five nights, and then to another D.C. travel hostel for fourteen nights.  PART OF THE WASHINGTON D.C. TRAVEL HOSTEL NETWORK INCORRECTLY CONCLUDED THAT I AM A HOMELESS INDIVIDUAL USING D.C. TRAVEL HOSTELS FOR MY HOUSING, AND THEREFORE MY ABILITY TO RESERVE SPACE FURTHER INTO APRIL AND MAY IS NO LONGER POSSIBLE!  

     As well, since I am now paying Cherry Blossom Festival prices, I did indeed go to the tidal basin today and enjoy the music, international crowd, and the beautiful pink and white blossoms, which are inspiring poetry, imparting feelings of great joy, and blissful.  My intention is to continue enjoying being in Washington D.C., because there isn't anything else for me to do.  Check this out:

     As always, I am never obstructing a higher spiritual power from flowing through me, am playing the D.C. lottery six times per week, am expecting Divine Intervention, and am available for just about any creative endeavor.  Postmodernism is finished!  What would you like to do?

Craig Louis Stehr
March 30, 2016

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