Saturday, June 25, 2016

Democracy Spring update

  The April 12th 2016 sit-in on the Capitol steps in Washington, D.C. was led by senior citizens, the first arrestees all being over 80 years of age.  Surrounded by participants of Democracy Spring, cheering the elders on, the messages on banners and placards were focused on the lack of genuine democracy in American political life.  The recurring theme of dissent is critical of the fact that corporate media "creates the news", that large moneyed interests have bought the democratic process, and that there is no transparency anymore.  

  (see April 11th arrests  Indymedia coverage )

The primary message of today's protest is that the will of the American people is no longer being heard, replaced by servitude to global capitalism and consumerism, which themselves depend upon constant growth and inflation.  This results in an increasingly dangerous world which requires war.  Indeed, the protesting elders asked, what is the rest of the society doing right now, and why aren't there thousands more here with us?

     I'd like to offer this as a reply:  Most Americans are so caught up in their mundane daily soap operas, and with increasing debt, that they don't have time to do anything wise, such as cultivate a spiritual life and put their meditation into direct action.  Most of the postmodern population might as well hang a sign around their necks which reads: "Twilight Zone Captive".  And as for the miniscule number of participants on the front lines of peace & justice and radical environmentalism, the tediousness of endless protesting will be changed by circumstances which originate far beyond the ordinary. 

Please note that the prevailing feeling in front of the White House this afternoon is that it would be preferable to padlock it after the Obamas move out, rather than let the Clintons move back in.  Awaiting Divine Intervention, Craig Louis Stehr  Email:

April 12, 2016
5:45 P.M. ET
Washington, D.C. USA

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