Saturday, June 25, 2016

Free Flowing Dao, Taiko Drums, Cherry Blossoms, Time of Reckoning

The Sakura Taiko Fest Sunday April 3rd at the University of Maryland's Hoff Theater was a powerful, colorful, festive, and profound mixture of thundering Japanese drums, sprightly flute notes, and bells, gongs, and other traditional instruments.  Today's performance continues to reinforce the feeling that a reckoning time is here, in lieu of the cartoonish political primaries circus, the ongoing protests at the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission against the gas fracking industry, the recent nuclear conference (which necessitated walling off with high interlocking metal barriers, plus installing military police in humvees at every intersection, the entire area in the center of the Shaw neighborhood), the stoic 35 year antinuclear protest maintained by Philippo and others directly across from the White House; which vigil continues to be subject to harrassment from the Park Service Police, and indeed, everything else that is on the table in Washington D.C. at the moment.
     The National Cherry Blossom Festival will continue with a Fireworks Festival at the southwest waterfront on Saturday April 9th, the huge parade is on Sunday April 16th on Constitution Avenue, which concludes at the South Ellipse, and is immediately followed by the Sakura Matsuri street festival, and on and on and on as the delicate pink and white cherry tree blossoms flutter in the gentle wind, in stark contrast to the United States Federal Government's iron metal face of hopelessness.
     If spiritual rituals and non-interference of the Dao flowing through you is appreciated, contact me  I am at the Harrington Hotel room 601 until April 5th, and then will be at DUO Travel Hostel located at 11th & N St. NW until April 19th.  Beyond that, I have no idea whatsoever about anything at all, which is just fine with me.  KWAAATZ!

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