Saturday, June 25, 2016

Kali Activated for May Day

April 30, 2016. Realizing that the spiritual mojo which we have collectively brought into the peace & justice/radical environmental movement over the past 40 years has run its course, I spent today in New York City paradigm shifting.  Made a trip to the Metropolitan Museum of Art, and spent the whole afternoon in the Asian art area on floor two.  

For an hour or so, I hung out with various Buddhas, Guan Yin, temple attendants, and assorted bodhisattvas.  It was fun, considering how much they've contributed to contemporary society's enlightenment while introducing an ethical and moral compass.  But sad to say that this does not address the fact of a planet earth in peril, nor the global political chaos.

     Venturing into the Indian section, I hobnobbed with primary deities, particularly Shiva, Vishnu, and the celestial flute player Krishna; all of them dancing to the tune of the mrdanga drummers.  But again, not really mojo enough for the ecodefense necessary in an era of extreme energy and global climate destabilization.  And then I met an horrific goddess garlanded with severed heads, her eyes bulging, a smiley icon in her crown, a scorpion on her stomach, and teeth...lots of teeth.  Mother Kali in all of her divine magnificence!  I began chanting her mantram "Om Aim Hrim Klim Chamundayai Vicce" over and over, as a paradigm shift was taking place on the eve of May Day.

     Leaving the museum, I went down to the East Village, and while chanting "Om Sri Kali Ma", found a cluttered Indian gift shop on 2nd Avenue, and inside bought a small framed picture of Mother Kali dancing on the chest of Shiva (who once laid down on the battle field in an attempt to calm her down during her victory dance, because she was throwing the planet earth off of its axis with her intensity).  It is now on the electrical light box above my head where I sleep on a lower bunk at the Hostelling International travel hostel at 103rd Street and Amsterdam Avenue.  I'm going to be here until my exit date of May 9th, so I will be going to goddess temples in other boroughs, continuing to 
energize the performance of this critical sadhana.

     I invite everyone to bring in their own spiritual mojo, in the face of serious national and international political confusion, global ecological implosion, and your own fragile existence on the edge.  Beyond May 9th I have no plans, so you might contact me 
at or just come find me wandering the side streets of the lower east side chanting to the dark mother.  I'm ready.  Are you ready?  ~HAPPY MAY DAY~

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