Saturday, June 25, 2016

NYC Dakimakura

April 27, 2016 Meanwhile in Manhattan, It's kind of surrealistic here, what with the mild weather and the not-so-huddled masses happily shopping in midtown, and costumed children all going to Planet Hollywood, and the Super Hero characters (in costume) being photographed hugging them in Times Square, with its towering advertisements changing every second, and huge billboards for musicals, and everything here oversized except for a poet reading E.E. Cummings's "In Just Spring".  

Spent the early evening enjoying Holy Mass at St. Patrick's Cathedral, and then stayed late for the benediction in the Mary Chapel behind the altar area.  Lovely, just lovely.  Left at closing, and ducked into Saks Fifth Avenue to use a restroom, and was suddenly immersed in high end couture with a groovy jazz trio performing on the first floor.  Images, images, images!!!  

Everybody hereabout is voting for Trump.  Hey, he's a New Yorker.  What do you expect?  They "fuckin' can't stand Hillary", okay?  Thank God that there's a cathedral to take refuge in, amidst this magnificent consuming chaos.
Nota bene: Judith Malina once told me that in reality, it's ALL the Living Theatre!

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