Monday, July 25, 2016

Whither Earth First! ?

Currently on the Earth First! newswire there is a news item about rape, and specifically the conduct of long time activist Rod Coronado, in regard to his behavior with his former wife and other women.  

I put a reply on both of the two items, in which I stated that this is a matter for the civil courts, and I asked: 

1. Have criminal charges been filed?, and 
2. Has a law suit been enacted?  

I also questioned the appropriateness of the news items, insofar as they have nothing to do with core Earth First! ecological concerns.  I did state in my reply to the second article that my heart dictates that I be gracious, so I am in favor of the items being on the Earth First! newswire "for consideration".  

Lastly, I stated that of course we are all in solidarity with abused individuals in the Earth First! social milieu. 

 Both of my replies were removed!!

    Whither Earth First??,  Craig Louis Stehr

Craig Louis Stehr
June 25, 2016