Monday, September 19, 2016

Beyond the pale...

Please know that I have just left Kabuki Spa in San Francisco's Japan Town. The effort to expel the last of Wednesday night's wild evening of dancing and firewater in North Beach was difficult.

 A totally uncomfortable 110 degree sauna was followed by short very hot steam room visits, and at last a couple of cold plunges before the traditional hot tub finish. Right now, the body is relaxed and the mind is calm and light. Between steam room visits, sat in the rest area and downed a cold bottle of RAW featuring turmeric, ginger, and oil of tangerine plus much more, and after that an Odwalla Superfood (with the complex green ingredients). Later, sat outside of the spa for awhile on a stone bench, enjoying the cool evening breeze. I WILL NEVER TEAR UP THE TOWN LIKE THAT AGAIN!!!
All of the uncertainty, the ton of networking emails sent since July which produced nothing in activist-flattened America during this depressing presidential election season, the haunt of the unknown, the weird worries about aging and death and so on and so forth, everything magnified and distorted in the mental house of mirrors, and then finally clarity came through once more, as today I purchased a one way airplane ticket to Honolulu, leaving behind the mainland struggles early Monday afternoon, 26th of September. Will celebrate my 67th birthday on Wednesday the 28th by doing nothing at all. Open to spirit fully...that's our way! Yes? Happy!! ;-)))))

Craig Louis Stehr
September 19, 2016

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