Sunday, September 18, 2016

ticket to the FOURTH dimension,

From: bear2walker on August 27th...
"...I bought a ticket to the FOURTH dimension, purchased at the spiritual crossroads, 

boarded the train for glory, handed my ticket to the conductress, a very dark lady with a necklace of skulls, and listened to the  divine entertainment hosted by  an emcee who was square."

You are invited to add to this, and send it on to others, (as we continue boycotting the 2016 American presidential election).  This is a collective literary work in progress.  When the piece is sufficiently blossomed, wheat paste it everywhere.  I mean, if you are really done with the aggravating, demeaning, fecal matter of a pig culture of consumerism, then contribute to killing the unholy ugly thing off!  Wouldn't you just love to walk right up to the monster, punch it in the face as hard as you can with a hatchet, cut its heart out with a can opener, and feed the still warm pumping muscle to a passing vulture?  And after that, attend a dinner dance with all of your divinely anarchistic friends?  What are we waiting for? 

Craig Louis Stehr

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