Sunday, September 18, 2016

Hello America, Anybody Goin' Beyond "Drinking Beer and Accepting the Situation"?

August 13, 2016. Please appreciate the fact that I am seeking others to form a spiritually based nomadic action group, for now being active in the United States of America. I offer this as an alternative to the default choice, which is to "drink beer and accept the situation".   

Considering the stupidity of the 2016 American presidential election, (starting with the fact that neither major political party has an environmental plank), what is the point of going along with this spectacle?  

How about instead we form groups and bring in our mojo, work our magic, and create a reality to live in on earth which is satisfactory.  If this strikes you as being superior to "drinking beer and accepting the situation" for the rest of your life, then go ahead and contact me at  

I will be at a San Francisco travel hostel until August 22nd, and then am ready to hit the road, can get on an airplane or train and meet others anywhere, have sufficient money to maintain myself, and all that I am asking for is cooperation to intervene in history.  What are we waiting for?  Thank you very much, and I look forward to hearing from you.

Craig Louis Stehr
August 13, 2016
San Francisco

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